Yeah1 Network is a Multi-Channel Network on Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Apps, Website, etc,. Yeah1 Network is one of the global leading digital networks






360,000 không tính phí music tracks and sound effects

Access lớn the music library with 360,000 music tracks, sound efects, kids,...

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Yeah1 Network regularly organizes the talk shows, offlines to lớn communicate with Youtube creators in and out of Yeah1 Network.

It"s possible to make retail banking hip & cool, & a Vietnamese start-up called Timo is out to prove this with a latte.

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Sau hai lần thảm bại với dự án khởi nghiệp, Nguyễn Ngọc Hưng có tác dụng lại từ đầu và lần lượt chế tạo tiếng vang với những thành phầm mang thương hiệu của bản thân mình như 2! Idol, say đắm Ăn Phở.


Yeah1 Network Partner is a program allow Creators lớn make money on Youtube và other platforms such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Website, smartphone Apps,etc. Also, Creators will be consulted & supported lớn develop faster with specific tools & benefits


Yeah1 Network Partners will be supported:

- Make money from đoạn clip content on Youtube Platforms and support to earn on other platforms such as Facebook, Website, smartphone Apps

- support for paying partners" personal income tax, you vày not have to pay this

- Get a quick, transparent monthly payoutby variety methods: Webmoney (WMV, WMZ), bank account, Paypal

- Get revenue sharing ratio from 70%

- pr on Yeah1 Fanpage and Website with million fans & visits

- Use the free channel development too (paid version)

- liên hệ our 24/7 support team for any questions via email, hotline, facebook

- design Channel Avatar & Cover:

- Approach well-known brands to lớn increase ad revenue

- Distribute advertises on quality contents lớn increase CPM & revenue

- Personal consultant, channel development training, update Youtube latest information on policies, regulations


To be eligible to join our Partnership program on YouTube, your channel should meet the following requirements:

- The channel has at least 300,000 monthly views

- Adhere khổng lồ YouTube community guidelines & policies

- The channel is in good status

If your channel meets our network requirements & adhere lớn all YouTube community policies, your channel will be signed up to our partnership program. We refer to the above mentioned criteria lớn justify your channel’s eligibility lớn join Yeah1 Network, và we strictly follow YouTube community policies. However, Yeah1 Network still reserves the right khổng lồ refuse any applications without a reason.