What happens if microsoft office is not activated?

In this guide, we will discuss the specified versions of Office, errors, and troubleshooting, along with in-depth steps for activation.

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How to Troubleshoot Activation Errors

Before we get started on the activation step process, let’s address the troubleshoot activation errors.

Office Activation Error

If Office can’t activate for whatever reason, it will show up as “unlicensed”. When this occurs, all editing features will become disabled.


You will then see an unlicensed sản phẩm or non-commercial use/unlicensed product in the title bar of your office apps.

You can restore it once you fix the problems.

Here are some ways khổng lồ help restore the activation failure:

Accurate Account

If you’re not signed properly inkhổng lồ your office trương mục, such as using a different address, this can cause the tài khoản khổng lồ not recognize the user.


You will then see a note indicating “Office not being able khổng lồ find Office products”.

Multiple Copies

It’s easy khổng lồ not notice when you have installed more than one copy. If this occurs, it can interfere và cause activation failures.

Expired Subscription

If the subscription has expired, you will once again receive sầu a message stating, “ we couldn’t find any office products”. You can simply renew your subscription for further access.



If Office still won’t activate, you will have to choose your specific version of Office for additional help.

Limit Reached Error

If you have installed the office on two different computers, a message of “installed limit reached” may appear.


You will have sầu khổng lồ tải về or log out of Office on another device.

How khổng lồ Activate Office 365, 2019, năm nhâm thìn and 2013

To activate, you will need to sign in to an Office that has not been activated.Take note that you should always sign inlớn the tài khoản that you used lớn buy or subscribe lớn Office.

How lớn activate office over the phone

There are a few ways khổng lồ help activate Office. One of them is through the phone.

Be aware, depending on which Office version you are using. This can also result in whether or not telephone activation is available or disabled.

How to lớn Activate Microsoft Office 2013 over the internet

You can also activate over the internet. In the activation wizard, choose “I want to activate the software over the internet”.

You will either choose lớn press next or the enter button on the keyboard. Follow additional promptly as instructed.


As noted before, you want to always check for multiples. If installed on a single computer or on another owned by you or someone else.

This may result in an error message of maximum activations. Make sure to read the software license terms on transferring Office.

New Windows 10 Devices/Pre Installed

You may experience the above sầu title as a message on your computer screen.

If this occurs, it is due khổng lồ sign in to lớn an Office tài khoản that was pre-installed on a new device. Yet, the office product does not associate with your specific account.

This usually means that the office is installed as a 365 trang chính trial. The trial can be used on your new Office device by activating.

The trial is usually good for 1 month. You can also buy or add Office to lớn a pre-existing subscription.

Activation "New WIndows 10 Inclusion"

With this activation, you won’t need or receive sầu a printed sản phẩm key. You activate by pressing on the activate Office button.

A message will then state, “ Hello, let’s activate Office”.

Next, start an Office app, then select “activate Office”. Further prompts will be provided & you can follow instructed for full completion.

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Why a Microsoft Account is Important?

When your office purchase is already included, the Office key will then be digitally transmitted lớn your PC.

You will use your Microsoft account in place of the hàng hóa key. This makes it easier khổng lồ reinstall & reactivate.

Therefore, having a Microsoft account is a key component in redeeming your Office offer or purchase.

Microsoft HUP

If you have purchased an office sản phẩm through your employer"s Microsoft HUPhường program. Then you will need khổng lồ install or reinstall the Office professional.

There are two products along with an activation of your product.


Step One

You will sign in using your Microsoft account. A Microsoft trương mục is required so you can tải về your Office sản phẩm through the website.

Step Two

Enter your sản phẩm key.

Enter the tin nhắn address you used lớn buy Office. This will then send an tin nhắn khổng lồ your work address, recovering your hàng hóa key.

The next step is lớn enter the key from the tin nhắn used, select your country or region along with language.

Step Three

This is not so much of a step, but a question. You will be asked to nhận xét different options. This will include tips, surveys, & promotions.

After reviews, you can select, “download now

Step Four

This next step depends on the browser you are using.

If you are using Edge or Internet Explorer, you will cliông chồng on the “run” button. If using Chrome, you will select “phối up”. With Firefox, you will simply press the “save” or “file” option.

Successful Installation

Lastly, your installation is a success once you see the phrase, “you’re all phối, Office is installed now”.

An animation will then appear. This will show you how to navigate và find Office applications on your computer.

HUP Product Key

This applies to Professional Plus, Project, và Visio.Saving a copy of your Microsoft HUPhường product will be useful when activating.You’ll simply enter your hàng hóa key, once instructed to lớn bởi vì so by the virtual tư vấn agent.This virtual tư vấn agent can be very helpful. However, this tool is in English only.

MicrosoftOffice Product Activation

Also, this applies to lớn Office professional plus, project, and Visio.

The option will be located on a small links at the bottom of the window.Next, you will select, “use a different account”, after confirmation.Step Two:Enter your sản phẩm key lớn activate Office.Step Three:Lastly, agree to all license terms.

New Office Product Key Care

If buying or receiving a new Office sản phẩm key card, you will need to follow the on-screen prompts through Office.com/thiết đặt.

This will be a one time only process that can add your new Office sản phẩm to lớn your Microsoft account.

Setting up is easy with three small steps.

Sign in with your Microsoft trương mục. Take note that you will always need a Microsoft tài khoản to lớn use Office.Enter product keySimply obtain your office.

You can check our guide on how to lớn troubleshoot the unlicensed sản phẩm và activation errors in MicrosoftOffice here.

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