10. This attempt is being fully charted with a view to furthering the methodological debate which surrounds this aspect of data production và analysis.

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12. Firstly, negotiations were begun with Forth Valley Enterprise with a view to establishing a training unit on campus.
13. Employers may offer such contracts with a view to making them permanent once they are satisfied that you have completed the course successfully.
14. The estate owners tightened their systems, with a view to greater productivity - new breeds, crops, implements and methods.
15. After the election the Yukon Party began negotiations with a view to forming a minority government in the territory.
16. The main priorities are: A comprehensive sầu transportation study with a view to reducing the cấp độ of dependence on private cars.
17. He has called a meeting of all parties tomorrow, with a view to forming a national reconciliation government.
18. The maiden flight of the A-12 had been scheduled for November 1991, with a view to the aircraft becoming operational in the mid-1990s.
19. The retìm kiếm will collect và organise data on these, with a view to evaluating the economic models.
trăng tròn. The disabled & frail elderly will, of course, have sầu special requirements và will need to select a trang chủ with a view to adaptation.

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21. Over the last year many people around the diocese have been exploring the Catholic faith, with a view to becoming Catholics themselves.
22. The report lists practical measures that, if implemented, will help restrict greenhouse gas emissions with a view to meeting these targets.
23. In the other activity, techniques are related khổng lồ principles with a view to enquiring inkhổng lồ the relationship between the two.
24. Both were concerned to offer prescriptions as lớn how organisations should be run with a view to particular management ends.
25. The Listing Particulars Directive sầu of 1980 sought to harmonise disclosure requirements, with a view to eventual mutual recognition of listing particulars.
27. A ngân hàng of information is also being set up by the Panel with a view to helping those with disabilities at the
28. It is said that a deputation of quarrymen came to lớn see him with a view to getting a trade union recognised.
29. The exercises a being piloted by a small number of students with a view to presenting a short course or self-study package later this year.
30. Once a year, take a look at how your investments have sầu performed, with a view to dumping the persistent laggards.
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