Many users have reported this issue that when they click on the File Explorer icon present in the taskbar of their Windows 11/10 computer, they receive an error, & are unable to xuất hiện File Explorer. Though there are many ways to mở cửa File Explorer of Windows 11/10 OS, users receive the same error every time. The error message goes like this:Explorer.EXE – Windows cannot find “. Make sure you typed the name correctly, & then try again.

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Make sure you have set tệp tin Explorer to xuất hiện with This PC instead of Quick Access. This solution has helped hundreds of users. Let’s kiểm tra the steps khổng lồ use this solution:Click on the search box of Windows 11/10 computerType file explorer optionsHit the Enter key. This will xuất hiện the file Explorer Options boxGo lớn the General tabClick on the drop-down menu icon available for Open file Explorer to optionSelect the This PC optionClick on the Apply buttonClick on the OK button.Now try to open File Explorer. It should work.2> Run System file Checker sfc /scannowWindows 11/10 OS comes with a built-in command-line System file Checker tool that helps the users lớn scan their computer for corrupt or missing system files & replace them with fresh data. If tệp tin Explorer is not opening because of corrupt system files, then performing the system scan using this tool might fix this issue. So, run System file Checker sfc /scannow in your Windows 11/10 computer and see if it solves your problem.3> Perform the antivirus scanIf your computer is infected with some virus, chances are it has disabled the explorer.exe file because of which you are not able to xuất hiện file Explorer. So, you should perform the antivirus scan for your computer. It is anyway always good to lớn perform antivirus scans from time khổng lồ time. If your antivirus is good enough, it will remove such virus(es), & then you will be able to xuất hiện File Explorer again. If your antivirus is not good, then try to lớn use some other antivirus. There are many good and free antivirus tools that you can use.
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Before trying this solution, it is recommended khổng lồ backup Registry in your Windows 11/10 computer. If something wrong happens, you will be able khổng lồ restore the Registry. Once you have done that, follow these steps:Use Win+R hotkey to xuất hiện the Run Command boxType regedit in the available text fieldPress the Enter key. This will xuất hiện the Registry Editor windowAccess the Image file Execution Options Registry key. The path is:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage file Execution OptionsUnder the Image file Execution Options Registry key, check if iexplorer.exe and Explorer.exe Registry entries are present. If yes, delete both the entriesNow access the Winlogon Registry key. The path is:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonOn the right-hand part of the Winlogon Registry key, double-click on the Shell name string value. This will xuất hiện a separate boxIn that box, you will see explorer.exe in the Value data field. If there are some other entries in that field, select & delete them. Keep only explorer.exe in that fieldPress the OK buttonRestart your computer.This might solve the issue and you will be able to xuất hiện File Explorer.5> Restore your computerSometimes, restoring your computer khổng lồ an earlier state also helps a lot in solving various problems. This might work in this case too. So, if you have created system restore points, use one of that system restores points khổng lồ restore your computer. After that, kiểm tra if you are able to mở cửa File Explorer.If nothing works, then you should reset your computer.Hope something from these solutions will work for you.

Where is explorer.exe located?

Explorer.exe tệp tin is located under the Windows folder. Its location is C:Windows. If you have installed Windows in some other drive, then access that drive and then xuất hiện the Windows thư mục to access the explorer.exe file. In the other cases, if the explorer.exe file is a virus or trojan, then it can be located anywhere, & that will create problems on your computer. In this case, mở cửa Task Manager, find its location and remove it from your computer.

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How vị I fix a corrupted explorer.exe file?

If the explorer.exe file is corrupted on your Windows 11/10 computer và you are not able to mở cửa File Explorer, then you can try some helpful solutions like:Perform System file Checker sfc /scannowScan your computer for virusesAccess tệp tin Explorer Options to lớn set mở cửa File Explorer with This PC instead of Quick Access, etc.All such solutions are already covered by us in this post above.Read next: tệp tin Explorer not starting automatically in Windows.


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