What is Browser Hijacker?

Skip this and learn how to remove Browser Hijacker!

The badware is a browser hijacker from the Adware/ShortcutHijackerfamily that changes the home page page of your installed browsers to It does this by installing random named files và Windows services that check the settings of your browser. When it detects that the trang chủ page và search has been changed lớn a page other than, it will automatically change it back.

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When at the download page, cliông chồng on the Download Now button labeled iExplore.exe. When you are prompted where to lớn save it, please save it on your desktop.

Once it is downloaded, double-cliông xã on the iExplore.exe icon in order to lớn automatically attempt khổng lồ stop any processes associated with Browser Hijacker and other malware. Please be patient while the program looks for various malware programs & ends them. When it has finished, the blaông chồng window will automatically cchiến bại and a log tệp tin will open. Please Reviews the log tệp tin and then cthất bại so you can continue with the next step. If you have problems running RKill, you can tải về the other renamed versions of RKill from the rkill download page. All of the files are renamed copies of RKill, which you can try instead. Please note that the download page will open in a new browser window or tab.

Do not reboot your computer after running RKill as the malware programs will start again.

As Browser Hijacker sometimes has a usable Uninstall entry that can be used lớn remove the program, we want lớn try that first. To vì this, clichồng on the Start button & then select Control Panel.

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When in the Control Panel, double-click on one of the options below depending on your version of Windows

For Windows XPhường double-cliông chồng on the Add or Remove sầu Programs inhỏ.For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10 double-clichồng on the Uninstall Program option.

When the Add or Remove Programs or the Uninstall Program screen is displayed, please scroll through the menu of programs và double-cliông xã on each of the entries listed in bold below to lớn uninstall them.

youndoo - Uninstall

When you double-click on the above sầu entries lớn uninstall them, please follow the mặc định prompts và allow it khổng lồ remove all files and all configuration information related to lớn this program. If any of the programs ask you lớn reboot your computer, vì chưng not allow it khổng lồ reboot until you have sầu uninstalled all of the programs listed above sầu.


When you are done, you can cthua the Control Panel screens.


At this point you should tải về Zemamãng cầu AntiMalware, or ZAM, in order to scan your computer for any any infections, adware, or potentially unwanted programs that may be present. Please tải về Zemana AntiMalware from the following location & save it khổng lồ your desktop: