Upmarket Là Gì

Upmarket goods and products are of very high chất lượng & intended to lớn be bought by people who are quite rich:

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New wineries are crowding into the market, meaning that existing winemakers have sầu little choice but to try và move further upmarket.
As early as the 1850s, working-class men"s clothiers và outfitting firms tried khổng lồ move sầu upmarket by advertising their "ladies" habit room," implying that their clientele owned horses.
By the 1930s extensive municipal planning & land speculation had transformed it into lớn a modern quarter with a regular grid of roads, & upmarket middle-class neighbourhoods.
The target article takes self-experimentation upmarket, in the sense that it is published in a mainstream journal (displacing an article based on traditional methods) & đơn hàng with mainstream scientific questions.
Khayelitsha"s landscape is dominated by vast areas of informal houses (shacks), intersected by small sub-economic formal structures and some small areas of relatively upmarket privatelybuilt homes.
We are telling our manufacturers lớn move upmarket, khổng lồ increase kiến thiết input & to lớn go for niche markets, but those markets can only be global.
We are very strong in upmarket products, for instance, và we are the second largest exporter of textile & clothing products in the world.
In other words, if tenants pick a house or flat in an upmarket area, they can expect lớn pay the rent or get out.
Compares with buses, it is more reliable, cleaner & fume-không tính phí, has greater capacity, is faster and more modern & has an upmarket image.
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