Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers & Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) is featured on lots of websites nowadays. You’ll have to lớn complete these little tests to lớn prove that you’re not a robot. If you’re browsing yourself, you can easily do that. What then happens when you’re browsing with a bot?


Automation tasks, for instance, website scraping, are performed by web bots. A bot will browse & send more requests than a real user will. Hence, it’s easy for a website khổng lồ flag it. With a good CAPTCHA breaker tool, you can bypass CAPTCHA when performing automated tasks.

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Here are some of the best CAPTCHA breaker tools you can use;

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Best CAPTCHA Breaker Tools

1. GSA CAPTCHA Breaker

GSA CAPTCHA Breaker is a tool that can break any CAPTCHA type. It works automatically and can be easily integrated into any software. Aside from the default CAPTCHA types, the tool was designed lớn break, you can showroom new CAPTCHA types. The GSA CAPTCHA Breaker will generate an algorithm khổng lồ solve them.

Likewise, you can improve the existing CAPTCHA solving methods as this tool supports advanced CAPTCHA segmentation. GSA CAPTCHA breaker is a premium tool. You can use it for a few days on trial after which you need to purchase a lifetime license to continue using it.

2. Death By CAPTCHA

Developed for research purposes, this tool works for solving any CAPTCHA. It features an API and you just need to connect this API with any platform or application you’re using. Death By CAPTCHA is a hybrid CAPTCHA breaker. It features OCR CAPTCHA solving algorithms & also has a team of CAPTCHA solvers on standby.

Hence, most of the CAPTCHAs are solved by real humans. The Death By CAPTCHA team is available 24/7 and they work very fast with an average response time of 9 seconds. It’s a premium tool but very affordable; it costs less than $1.5 lớn solve 1,000 CAPTCHAs.

3. DeCaptcher

This is one of the oldest CAPTCHA breakers on the internet used by SEO masters. The CAPTCHAs are solved by humans và also with custom OCR algorithms. Notably, DeCaptcher can break text-based, math-based, and image-based CAPTCHAs. The tool features lots of APIs in different programming languages.

Some of these include C, PHP, Java, Pearl, and a command-line API amongst others. Hence, you can find the easiest API khổng lồ integrate with the platform you’re working with. DeCaptcher can also solve hard và complicated CAPTCHAs. You pay lớn use this CAPTCHA breaker & the price is $2 per 1000 CAPTCHAs.

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4. CAPTCHATronix

CAPTCHATronix is a unique CAPTCHA breaker. It’s a 100% automated CAPTCHA solver and works very fast. You’ll have your CAPTCHAs solved in less than 1 second. It features a Remote API and is mở cửa source so you can access the code. Furthermore, the tool is well documented.

Like other CAPTCHA breakers mentioned, CAPTCHATronix is a premium tool. However, you don’t pay per CAPTCHA solved but instead, you pay monthly for a subscription. Subscription starts at $15.97 per month & the highest is $397.77 per month. Also, you can tương tác the support team to discuss a custom pricing plan.

5. CAPTCHA Sniper

CAPTCHA sniper is a CAPTCHA-breaking tool that promises no downtime. It solves CAPTCHAs very fast & is designed khổng lồ be easy lớn use. The tool can solve CAPTCHAs very fast as it features thousands of built-in CAPTCHAs.

With regular updates, more CAPTCHA types are added. Likewise, you can showroom new CAPTCHA types yourself. CAPTCHA sniper is available for không tính tiền on trial for 5 days. After that, you can purchase the tool for life for $57.

Best Proxies For CAPTCHA Breaking


A proxy is helpful to lớn bypass CAPTCHA & also prevent it. First of all, how can a proxy help you prevent a CAPTCHA?

A website will bring up a CAPTCHA when you send too many requests within a short time. The website’s vps knows the requests are coming from you because they are all sent from one IP. Hence, if you send the same number of requests using multiple IPs, the website will assume that it’s multiple users instead of one person.

Therefore, your website browsing session will appear very natural và the websites won’t put up any CAPTCHA for you khổng lồ solve. Website scraping bots, sneaker bots, etc have native tư vấn for proxies. These CAPTCHA breaker tools are also bots so you might need a proxy for them. Ideally, you use only the best proxies and I recommend

From, you can get about any type of proxy including mobile, residential, datacenter, HTTPS, and SOCKS proxies. has proxies in more than 100 countries so you can target any specific region you want. Furthermore, you can access all proxies with any subscription, the difference is just the number of threads available.

Bottom Line

CAPTCHAs shouldn’t stop you from carrying out automated tasks. You’ll experience CAPTCHA most when automating website scraping, account opening, web purchase, and commenting tasks on websites.

Any of the best CAPTCHA breaker tools listed above will help you bypass the tests. Some of these CAPTCHA-breaking tools will need proxies lớn work và you can get the best ones from