Tanning beds

Escape from your day, inlớn a mellow and relaxing destination, with golden results. Our tanning beds (we like khổng lồ hotline them sunbeds, too) offer multiple levels of indoor tanning value và tốc độ, at the right price lớn fit your budget. Our sleek, modern tanning beds & booths are always clean & inviting. They’re all you need khổng lồ build & maintain a brilliant base…at your own pace.

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Our FASTER tanning beds will generally give sầu you a base chảy 2-3 times faster than our FAST tanning bed.en tanning results. This level includes our stand up tanning bed.
Our FASTEST tanning beds mean you can usually get your base tan 3-5 times faster than our FAST tanning bed.
Our INSTANT tanning beds are our highest chất lượng level of tanning beds, delivering a rich golden chảy with minimal reddening. It's the fastest way to lớn achieve sầu a base tan.
Tanning is your body’s natural defense against sunburn, so for best results, beware of the burn! Our expert Tanning Consultants will help you determine your best plan for a golden-bronzed rã.

Be sure khổng lồ shower, exfoliate and moisturize. Remove sầu your makeup, perfume, deodorant, watches & jewelry. Make sure any meds you’re taking aren’t photosensitive sầu. Apply special indoor tanning products right before your session.

Wear eye protection và lip balm, & bring coverups for sensitive sầu areas if you’re tanning in the nude—just in case. If your skin stings, kết thúc your session.

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For radiant results, don’t forget khổng lồ moisturize. Apply chảy extenders khổng lồ keep that rich và golden look for even longer. If you happened khổng lồ take it just a little too far, try aloe-based gels for immediate relief.

All of our products are formulated khổng lồ help your skin stay well-nourished & moisturized and lớn keep your rã glowing và vibrant. Ask your Tanning Consultant which products are the best for your skin type before you leave Sun Tan City. When showering, consider using the gentle ingredients of a tan-extending body toàn thân wash. It is a great way lớn cleanse your skin while also nourishing and extending your chảy.

After showering, liberally apply one of our tan extenders. Our tan-extending lotions feature special enhancers that will make your chảy stay vibrant longer while nourishing & softening skin. Be sure lớn drink plenty of water khổng lồ nourish your skin from the inside, too, for maximum rã effectiveness. Finally, be sure khổng lồ wait a full 24 hours for the tanning process to complete before coming baông chồng to lớn tung again. As long as your skin stays soft and healthy and shows no signs of reddening, Sun Tan City welcomes you lớn come back in order to lớn deepen your color & maintain your shine.

Your room at Sun Tan City is entirely private, & employees will not interrupt you during your tanning session. You are không tính tiền to wear whatever you lượt thích to make the most of your tanning experience. Many of those who enjoy private indoor tanning vày so in the nude. Nude tanning provides the most even coverage, as well as a sense of total-body relaxation you just can’t get anywhere else. However, because tender areas of your body toàn thân are exposed during your sessions that are not accustomed to being exposed to sunlight, you will want to lớn introduce your body toàn thân lớn nude exposure at a relaxed pace. For those with concerns about sanitation or modesty, you are also welcome to chảy wearing swimwear of any coverage level, or any other tan-through fabric cống phẩm of clothing. The choice is yours!

Sun Tan City welcomes anyone 18 and older lớn come in to experience our chất lượng tanning bed at any time. However, we vì employ strict age guidelines for those under the age of 18—the FDA-recommended minimum age for tanning beds. The minimum age for tanning is regulated by individual state laws.

Generally, unless regulated by your state laws, if you’re between the ages of 14 and 18 and would lượt thích to lớn enjoy our tanning bed options, you’re welcome to lớn vì so, provided that your parent or legal guardian co-signs for your Sun Tan City Membership and provides his or her informed consent for you lớn use our tanning bed equipment & other services–by signing our parental consent khung.

If you’re under 16, we ask that your parent or guardian stay at the facility for the duration of your tanning session. No one under age 14 may use a tanning bed.

However, anyone can use our spray rã booths, & we fully encourage it!

After sun tanning, our hope is that you feel warm và relaxed và that you continue lớn feel your best throughout the rest of your day. However, you may not see results immediately following your tanning session. You may feel the glow of your skin at work, but your bronze color may not be visible for several hours. In fact, it may continue for up to lớn 24 hours! To nurture your skin & make sure your rã reaches its full golden color, consider investing in one of our specially formulated tan-extending lotionsbefore you leave Sun Tan City. These products are designed to lớn keep skin soft and healthy và keep your chảy looking its best.

Nope! In order to offer tanning sessions at Sun Tan City on your schedule, tanning visits are first-come, first-serve sầu. However, you can check-in lớn tan in when you"re logged in and on our App!

Sun Tan City makes indoor tanning near you both simple và easy. Enjoy the lakiểm tra giải pháp công nghệ in spray tanning and tanning bed options with friendly, helpful Tanning Consultants at our 250+ salons around the country. Explore all our indoor tanning salon tóc options, và get started on your gorgeous glow, today!