Ngoc Son Tam Doan

Tam Doan (1977- ) is a popular overseas Vietnamese singer who had started her professional music career in Toronto, Canada during the early 1990s.

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After signing with Van Son Entertainment in 1997 as an exclusive recording artist for the label, Tam Doan has established herself as a singing sensation with a fan hâm mộ base consisting of Vietnamese music lovers worldwide. Since leaving Van Son Entertainment in 2001, Tam Doan has collaborated with several other major overseas Vietnamese music production labels such as Tinh Productions, Thuy Nga Paris & Asia Entertainment. Born as Huynh Ngoc Tam Doan in Binh Duong, Vietnam on May 5, 1977, she is the eldest of two daughters. From a very young age, Tam Doan had exemplified clear signs as a child prodigy in music. Aside from her vocal talents, she had learned how to play various instruments such as the guitar, mandolin & clarinet. In 1989, she along with her mother and younger sister lefter their homeland in Vietnam to be reunited with her father who had resettled in Toronto, Canada two years prior. Eight years later, through an introduction by musician Tich Ha, Tam Doan was signed with Van Son Entertainment. Within her first year under contract with Van Son Entertainment, she managed khổng lồ establish herself as a household name among Vietnamese communities in four different continents appearing on four consecutive Van Son Entertainment live show music đoạn phim productions, volumes 7-10. Her unforgettable renditions of songs such asTấm Ảnh ko Hồnwriten by Lê Dinh,Chuyến Tàu Hoàng Hônwritten by Minh Kỳ and Hoài Linh,Người Đã Quênwritten by Hàn Châu andEm Còn bé Lắm Anh Ơi written by Quốc Anhwere widely received by viewer audiences of the Van Son Entertainment live show music video series và made Tam Doan into a star. During her tenure at Van Son Entertainment, Tam Doan recorded a series of successful solo studio albums which includedTấm Ảnh ko Hồn (1998),Chuyến Tàu Hoàng Hôn (1998),Mùa Thu bao gồm Nhớ (1999),Đếm Giọt Sầu Rơi (1999) andAnh có Nghe Mưa Rơi(1999). In addition khổng lồ her solo efforts, Tam Doan also achieved extraordinary success with her duets for Van Son Entertainment with artists such asTruong Vu and Manh Quynh. By the year 2000, Tam Doan"s popularity had reached the ranks of such đứng đầu performers lượt thích Nhu Quynh, Phi Nhung, My HuyenHa Vy.

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After 5 years as an exclusive artist for Van Son Entertainment, Tam Doan decided not khổng lồ renew her contract with the label & accepted a more lucrative offer from Thuy Nga Paris. Despite her collaboration with Thuy Nga Paris, Tam Doan did not abandon her former label altogether. For the entirety of the 2000s decade, she continued to appear as a guest performer on ten more volumes of the live show music video clip series produced by Van Son Entertainment while simultaneously fulfilling her contractual obligations to Thuy Nga with regular appearances on the Paris by Night đoạn clip series. Among her most notable performances on video clip for Van Son Entertainment during this decade was on volume 41 in a duet number,Tân Cổ: Cho vừa lòng Em,with veteran Cai Luong performer Kim Tu Longimpressing many of her fans with her vocal talents in Southern Vietnamese folk opera. Tam Doan continued to shine as one of the brightest stars lớn grace the Paris by Night stage during the 2000s with her numerous solo performances, as well as her duets with various other artists such as Nhu Quynh, The Son, Huong ThuyHuong Lan.

Beginning in 2009, Tam Doan has also collaborated with another production label giant in the overseas Vietnamese music industry, Asia Entertainment. Among her most popular performances on Asia Entertainment"s live show music clip series includeNhà Anh công ty Emwritten by Anh Sơn
,Mùa Hoa Anh Đàowritten by Thanh Sơn,Ai Lên Xứ Hoa Đàowritten by Hoàng Nguyên andAi mang lại tôi tình yêuwritten by Trúc Phương.After being in the spotlight for nearly two decades, Tam Doan shows no sign of slowing down in her career as a famous Vietnamese singer. In addition to her lengthy professional association with Thuy Nga Paris, the largest overseas Vietnamese music production label, which remains to this day, Tam Doan also has formed her own successful production label, Tam Doan Entertainment. She continues lớn record studio albums, appear on music videos và perform live in concert lớn sold out crowds all over the world. Since February 4, 2006, Tam Doan has been happily married khổng lồ overseas Vietnamese singer, Tien Dung. Her younger sister, Kristine Sa, is an accomplished songwriter and overseas Vietnamese singer. Tam Doan also runs và owns Tam Doan Shop, a spa and retail business located in the heart of Little Saigon in Orange County, California. Link(s):Tam Doan Facebook PageTam Doan cửa hàng Facebook