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The epic conclusion to Kratos’ quest for revenge returns looking better than ever in God of War III Remastered, an upgraded port of the PS3 original. When it came out in 2010, God of War III already was quite the looker for Sony’s aging console. Now, the trò chơi features an array of bells & whistles that brings Kratos lớn life like never before.

The God of War You Know

Remastered offers players the chance lớn relive the experience of playing Kratos final confrontation with Zeus in glorious HD. Resolution & framerates aside, the content remains the same as it was in the original God of War III.

The story begins immediately after the ending of God of War II, as Kratos continues lớn wage war against the Greek gods. Allied with a small army of Titans, Kratos climbs Mount Olympus khổng lồ have his revenge against the Olympians, & settle the score with Zeus once và for all.



The plot progression in God of War III is certainly top-notch. While there might be other character kích hoạt games that imitate God of War’s formula, like Dante’s Inferno, Sony Santa Monica Studio still has the best storytellers in the business. The sense of scale & epicness on display in the first ten minutes of game play alone are unmatched by any other game.

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Hack và Slash

Not even Mortal Kombat can get as violent as God of War III: featuring multiple scenes of blood, gore, và nudity, this is a trò chơi that has earned its Mature rating. The over the đứng top violence might be a little too much for some, but there’s no denying that the absurd levels of brutality in God of War III are a stylistic decision lớn frame the tragic plot of Kratos’ revenge.

In between fights, players will have to lớn solve some basic puzzles that never get too complicated. Besides that, there are also platforming sections that usually feature some fancy camera work khổng lồ show off the game’s impressive visuals.

A Presentation Masterpiece

Sure, gameplay in God of War III is solid, but the same could be said of Devil May Cry 4, a game that came out two years before it. The difference here is the impressive amount of detail và artistry that the team at Santa Monica Studios was able khổng lồ fit into a single game.

Visually speaking, the trò chơi looks gorgeous: skin textures are amazingly detailed, và so are the lights and shadows that add an incredible amount of depth lớn every nook and cranny of the game’s world.

Apart from the visuals, the orchestral soundtrack is also some of the best we’ve heard in a videogame. The powerful compositions benefit the kích hoạt tremendously, making every little moment of the trò chơi feel like an epic adventure.


The best way to play this classic game, God of War III Remastered takes Kratos’ struggle khổng lồ the next level, delivering an unparalleled experience that you need to see khổng lồ believe. Some of the violence might be a bit too much for some, but the overall plot và the pacing make it worth every second of it.