Prison Architect Guide

Because of this, instead of building a separate holding cell & showers away from the main cell block, Ive actually incorporated the holding cell into lớn the main cell bloông xã itself.

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Even if youve built many prisons, hopefully this will still be an enlightening look at general strategy, too.

Prn Architect Guide Download And Use

Please fell free khổng lồ tải về & use it, or just have a gander for reference.

Part 1 of 2 of my video walkthrough to lớn supplement this guide.

Phase 1 Strategy Overview Build a basic, secure, and functioning prison to sell off in order khổng lồ have more money lớn build a new larger prison.

Why This is because once your money runs out its an incredibly slow process lớn build funds up enough to expand.

Its much quicker (& satisfying) khổng lồ sell your prison & start over with more than double the initial amount of building money.


It might seem like enough, but believe me, itll just about cover this phase alone, so dont go mad Although not a tutorial like in the introduction scenario, these vì give new players a good outline of how to lớn set-up their first prison.

Bear in mind is that there is no restriction khổng lồ the order in which to lớn do them, so you dont have sầu follow them through methodically, as completing one grant wont allow or disallow you khổng lồ start another.

Staff EntranceSecurity Office I always lượt thích khổng lồ build a little entrance next khổng lồ the deliveries và by the kitchen khổng lồ maximise the effectiveness of staff AI routing.


Therefore, unless you have loads of available guards, it can take a long time for cooks and workers lớn simply get in and out of the prison khổng lồ go about their usual business.

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If prisoners have sầu no other option but to be routed through these, then theyll require a guard to lớn open them.

Therefore, by creating this little entrance, youve got a nice easy route for your staff to get in & out of the delivery set-down without letting prisoners through.


Therefore, its advised to lớn research a security chief through beaurocracy and Deployment as soon as you can.

Then, you can deploy a guard in this staff entrance area and designate it as a Staff Only zone, making it a bit more secure.

Its also worth making this entrance 4x4 as you can later, upon researching CCTV, turn this into lớn a Security Office, meaning the stationed guard can also look at up khổng lồ 3 CCTV cameras.

Holding Cell Capađô thị As youre expecting eight prisoners to lớn arrive, theres the temptation khổng lồ build a separate holding cell to accommodate eight.

Prisoners usually arrive sầu in groups of eight, which means, if I dont have sầu enough cells khổng lồ accommodate them, I can still take two days worth of intakes, which is plenty of time khổng lồ expand whilst still cashing in on the federal grant per accepted prisoner.

Furthermore, Ive seen intakes go up to lớn 21 for one day, therefore a larger holding cell would certainly help.

Of course, dont forget, you can always cthảm bại your prison lớn new prisoners if you think you wont be able to handle the influx.

Dont overload it though, as itll detriment the Privacy stat & risk causing a riot, or, if there arent enough beds, deprive sầu prisoners of sleep, which is just as dangerous.

Holding Cell Location What Ive sầu noticed with the AI routing rules, is that during a specified activity in the regime, all prisoners will flochồng to lớn the nearest designated area for the activity.