70+ phrasal verbs with put: put up, put on, put down, put off…

Here is another opportunity for you to lớn practise using phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs with "put" are extremely common and here are just a few of them. In each sentence, decide which phrasal verb is needed khổng lồ complete it correctly. I"ve put the meanings of the phrasal verbs below khổng lồ help you decide. Don"t put it off until tomorrow! bởi this lesson now!

Phrasal Verbs with Put

Put off - postpone, leave until a later time. Put up with - khổng lồ tolerate. Put down - to insult. Put on - to lớn dress oneself. Put up - khổng lồ erect. Put across - to lớn communicate something. Put out - to lớn publish. Put back - khổng lồ put something where it was previously.

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Lesson by Caroline Devane

Now decide which phrasal verb is needed in each sentence:

1. I can't ___ him anymore, he's driving me crazy!
Put up withPut onPut back2. Please ___ the milk when you're finished with it.
Put backPut downPut on3. Can we ___ the meeting until Wednesday please?
Put offPut upPut down4. He ___ all the time, I don't know why she's still with him.
Puts her upPuts her downPuts him across5. They ___ a new newsletter every Friday. It's worth reading.

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Put output downPut up with6. I was trying to lớn ___ my point of view but no one was listening.
Put acrossPut up withPut away7. I ___ a beautiful dress và my high heels.
Put output đầu ra acrossPut on8. I can't ___ the tent. I think it's broken.
Put upPut downPut up with
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