Nhu Quynh

Nhu Quynh (1970- ) is a popular overseas Vietnamese singer. Nhu Quynh was born in Hue, Central Vietnam as the eldest of three children, but grew up primarily in Ho bỏ ra Minh City. In 1991, she entered a national talent contestsponsored by Truyen Hinh Thanh Pho Ho bỏ ra Minh (Ho bỏ ra Minh Television Network)and came in first place with the highest marks. Prior lớn resettling in the United States in 1993 with her family, she had already embarked in her singing career performing at venues in Ho đưa ra Minh City & was then known as Quynh Nhu.

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Nhu Quynh performing Nguoi Tinh cài đặt Dongon Asia Entertainment"s live show video series
After less than a year resettling in Philadelphia, Nhu Quynh was approached by Thy Van
Truc Ho from Asia Entertainmentwith an exclusive contract offer và relocated lớn Southern California. After a few recorded tracks for Asia Productions, Nhu Quynh made a few music clip appearances for the label. Immediately, audiences gravitated lớn her sweet singing voice as well as her physical attributes on Asia Productions" music đoạn phim series. Two songs that would introduce Nhu Quynh onto the spotlight would also become her two signature songs throughout her singing career. The first of these two songs was Nguoi Tinh tải Dong which appealed to lớn a younger audience and generated many new fans for Nhu Quynh. The other, Chuyen Hoa Sim, appealed lớn a massive worldwide audience of Vietnamese music lovers và turned her into a superstar.
A little over two years recording for Asia Productions, Nhu Quynh requested to be released out of her contract that would involve in a much publicized legal battle. Nhu Quynh would kết thúc up winning her case against Asia Productions & was allowed khổng lồ be released from the production label. Nhu Quynh then formed her own music production label, NQ Records
, in 1996 & began recording & appearing on music videos for Thuy Nga Paris. For the next decade, Nhu Quynh would record 10 solo studio albums for the Thuy Nga Paris label.

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In 2007, Nhu Quynh made a return khổng lồ Asia Productions & remained with the label for more than two years. In 2009, Nhu Quynh left Asia Productions và resumed professional collaborations with Thuy Nga Paris. Her last solo studio album, La Giuong, was released in the spring of 2011 & was produced by her own music production label, Nhu Quynh Entertainment, in association with Thuy Nga Paris. She has also recorded duets with many other artists including Truong Vu, Manh Quynh, The Son, Manh Dinh & Quang Le.
Nhu Quynh became a mother to lớn a baby girl, Melody Dong Nghi, in the year of 2007. Prior lớn giving birth, she had kept her pregnancy along with her marriage lớn husband, Nguyen Thang, a secret from the general public which had sparked a bit of controversy for the singer.