In the end, the identity of the host in charge Vietnamese Face 2022 has been announced as Creative Director – Makeup Artist nam Trung. With more than 20 years in his profession, Host phái nam Trung is renowned not only as a leading Makeup Artist in Vietnam but also as Creative Director, beauty consultant for well-known fashion magazines & programs.

South Central makeup artist.

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She has become one of the “banyan trees” in the field of cosmetology in Vietnam. In particular, creative director nam giới Trung is a name associated not only with Vietnam’s Next Top mã sản phẩm program throughout the season, but also with mã sản phẩm Kid Vietnam và The Next Face Vietnam in the first season, he has conquered most of the audience with his skill và uniqueness. Personality, difficult khổng lồ confuse with others.

Dubbed the “viral king”, I wonder what other memorable moments will Host phái nam Trung leave in this year’s season of The Face Vietnam? Viewers may still remember at The Face 2018, contestant Hoang Oanh burst into tears when the judges commented and judged him because he felt he didn’t perform well on the red carpet challenge. While host Truong Ngoc Anh advised him lớn be confident và strong, phái nam Trung said: “Crying doesn’t mean I’m not strong, just because I like it, I just cry”.

Not only happy & cute moments, phái nam Trung also has very tight moments. Especially in the evaluation và category, nam Trung did not hesitate khổng lồ exclaim: “Crazy, I’m going crazy” to phản hồi on the appearance of the “double-biting lice” brothers Cao Thien Trang và Thuy Duong.

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In particular, phái nam Trung’s expression quickly caused a “fever” & became a “hot trend” with the online community mock photos with slanted eyes và a sour statement: “I’m too tired”.

When professional trainer Vo Hoang Yen reminded the contestants khổng lồ pose firmly and decisively khổng lồ show the charisma of a model, nam giới Trung immediately replied: “Sure thing. Yen pushes. Little girl who doesn’t know where the camera is, obviously… that’s how a supermodel does. Work.”

Nam Trung virut expression.

Nam Trung once said: “New people must have a different way of teaching! For new people, Trung immediately says this word: “still alum”. What should I do? Soak gently and then wash”.

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