2. to bring into existence by shaping, modifying, or putting together material; construct: make a dress; made a stone wall.

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3. To form by assembling individuals or constituents: We made a temporary information center using savvy volunteers.
10. to lớn achieve, produce, or attain: made peace between the two sides; not making sense; didn"t make the quota.
a. lớn draw a conclusion as lớn the significance or nature of: don"t know what to make of the decision.
b. A specific line of manufactured goods, identified by the manufacturer"s name or the registered trademark: a famous make of shirt.
3. Slang Identification of a person or thing, often from information in police records: Did you get a make on the thief?
1. to lớn discern or see, especially with difficulty: I could barely make out the traffic signs through the rain.
2. khổng lồ change or transfer the ownership of, usually by means of a legal document: made over the property to her son.
10. khổng lồ take (an examination or course) again or at a later time because of previous absence or failure.
To vị something memorable or spectacular enough lớn influence the course of history: The first space flight made history.

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lớn be forthright & candid about; acknowledge freely: They make no bones about their dislike for each other.
1. to bring into being by shaping, changing, or combining materials, ideas, etc; size or fashion; create: to make a chair from bits of wood; make a poem.
7. (also intr) to lớn come or cause to come into a specified state or condition: khổng lồ make merry; make someone happy.
16. (intr; foll by to, as if to, or as though to) khổng lồ act with the intention or with a show of doing something: they made to lớn go out; he made as if to lớn hit her.
42. make heavy weather of something informal to carry something out with great difficulty or unnecessarily great effort

1. "brand"

A brand is a sản phẩm that has its own name, and is made by a particular company. You usually use brand to talk about things that you buy in shops, such as food, drink, and clothes.

2. "make"

Don"t confuse brand with make. You use make khổng lồ talk about the names of products such as machines or cars, which last for a long time.

Be Careful!Don"t use the plural khung of a noun after brand of or make of. For example, don"t talk about "a make of vehicles". Say "a make of vehicle".

Be Careful!Don"t talk about the "mark" of a product. For example, don"t say "What mark of coffee vì chưng you drink?" Say "What brand of coffee vì you drink?" Don"t say "What mark of car vì chưng you drive?" Say "What make of car bởi you drive?"


Make is a very common verb which is used in many different ways. The past tense and -ed participle of make is made.

1. performing an action

Make is most often used to say that someone performs an action. For example, if someone suggests something, you can say that they make a suggestion. If someone promises something, you can say that they make a promise.

make - a recognizable kind; "there"s a new brand of nhân vật in the movies now"; "what make of car is that?"
make - the act of mixing cards haphazardly