Each month, the highlights the outstanding dedication & accomplishments of one of its members. The Chapter Leader of the Month can be a Chapter President or any member who has shown tremendous leadership.

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Anh Luc is currently working on their graduate degree at the School of Architecture at Taliesin. Anh chose Taliesin due to its learning by doing approach, its exposure khổng lồ beautiful architecture, nature, the environment, community lifestyle và innovative sầu education.

Anh believes that all the members of their chapter deserve sầu the recognition of Chapter Leader this month. The Chapter at Taliesin is proactive sầu in setting up workshops such as Revit, photocửa hàng, portfolio and rhino tutorials. They teach and help each other khổng lồ become the best versions of themselves và continue to lớn build each other up. They plan building tours in a multitude of cities around the United States, firm tours, community outreach to the IAAC, Cosanti, Chinese Academy of Art và other schools và programs. They even have sầu a student magazine known as WASH.

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Sara Taketatsu West Quad Director says that Anh works hard lớn support the close-knit community at Taliesin. “While managing her own studies she has also spent much of her time và energy spreading awareness about the challenges her peers face as their school goes through a turbulent time with an uncertain future. Working lớn communicate publicly as well as helping to lớn organize the student toàn thân, she is an exemplary example of what selfless advocacy looks like. I am so proud of Anh and the chapter at Taliesin for their ability lớn step up to lớn such a challenging situation,” says Sara.

The school is at risk for shutting down và the chapter has spent many nights writing letters, speaking to lớn the truyền thông media, writing petitions, creating websites khổng lồ help save sầu their school. Their community is so small that every individual makes a difference & is an asmix khổng lồ the group. During this pandemic, they continue to fight to save their school & continue their education throughout the lockdown with the use of giải pháp công nghệ to lớn reach out lớn other schools, guest lectures và the public. They are eager khổng lồ finish off the school year svào.

I believe sầu that the Benjamin Moore màu sắc that best represents me is Sunflower Fields. I love sầu the many shades of orange because it represents the sun rising & the sun setting. The beginning of a day, the over, & another tomorrow. It’s the most beautiful time of day that makes the sky and everything around it dramatic, serene và majestic. This is also the color of the underdog & I believe sầu is the least comtháng favorite color which makes me love it even more. Sunflowers tover lớn face the sun và I feel as though I need the sun khổng lồ give me energy. Without the sunshine, I’d shrivel up & become a grump. I also love sầu plants & flowers và the image of sunflower fields is my dreamlvà.