Get together by the youngbloods

This clarion điện thoại tư vấn for unity and understanding is one of the defining songs of the "60s, when it was part of the peace movement. Some of the lyrics are rather zen:We are but a moment"s sunlightFading in the grassBut the chorus is very clear in its message:Come on people nowSmile on your brotherEverybody get togetherTry khổng lồ love one anotherRight now
Here are the charting versions of the song in America:1965: We Five (#31)1967: The Youngbloods (#62)1968: The Sunshine Company (#112)1969: The Youngbloods (#5)1996: Big Mountain (#44)Other acts to lớn cover the tuy nhiên include Anne Murray, Skeeter Davis, Indigo Girls và Wilson Phillips.

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Early versions of this tuy vậy were done in a folk style at a medium tempo. The Youngbloods" version is slower, with a memorable acoustic guitar intro.
This song has been used in a number of TV shows and movies, notably Forrest Gump, where it was part of a soundtrack that sold over 12 million copies. Other films khổng lồ use the tuy nhiên include:Pump Up the Volume (1990)Radio Flyer (1992)Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)Riding the Bullet (2004)Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)TV shows include:Baywatch ("Lost & Found" - 1996)3rd Rock from the Sun ("Dick on a Roll" - 1998)Cold Case ("Volunteers" - 2004)The Simpsons ("Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?" - 2009)
In 2017, this was used in commercials for xanh Diamond almonds. It also featured in Walmart"s "Many Chairs, One Table" ad showing people of many ethnicities joining together for a meal.

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The song"s writer, Dino Valenti (Chester Powers), was friends with the band Quicksilver Messenger Service and wrote "Dino"s Song," which made it onto their debut album. Valenti joined the group in 1969.
In 1969, The Youngbloods were set to perform this on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, but they ended up walking off the show. Carson, who rarely had rock bands on, made some remarks about how the band was being petulant. The Youngbloods explained that they had an agreement to play a new tuy vậy along with "Get Together," which was two years old, but when the show ran long they were asked to lớn play just "Get Together," which they found unacceptable.
Speaking with, Jesse Colin Young talked about meeting Dino Valenti, who wrote the song. "I was kind of surprised to lớn learn he was a New Yorker và kind of a tough guy," said Young. "I thought it was a strange & wonderful thing that he came up with this beautiful, angelic song. He was no angel at all, but that song came lớn him, và boy are we are lucky lớn have it."

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Tmf’r from ChicagoI heard a Spanish version on Outlaw Country Station one night & cannot find it anywhere. It was the same backing track so and the singer sounded the same as the Youngbloods guy so, I can only assume it was them…….if anyone can help me find it……please let me know!!Dor from RiI just heard this tuy nhiên driving on the car on 99.1, an oldies station on Plymouth, Massachusetts. Always loved this tuy nhiên & guitar parts. The tuy nhiên is just as relevant today as when it came out.La Zalewski from Pittsburgh, PaThe guitar work on this song is sublime. The quintessential 1960s Hippie Anthem. It doesn"t get much better than this.Susan H from Newport, RiI love this tuy vậy and sing it at karaoke.. I find it khổng lồ be a very religious tuy nhiên and the reference to "when the one who left us here returns for us at last" khổng lồ be a direct reference to lớn Jesus Christ..Tommy from UsaThat jangly guitar intro gets me every time. One of my all time fave songsJohnboy Walton from MassachusettsThis tuy vậy rocks!!!! Love it! Right up there with Unchained Melody by the Righteous Bros! GJ!Crews from AustinYes, as Bill from Plano mentioned, you can hear someone humming throughout much of the song. Seems to have leaked from a mostly muted track.Kjstech from Pennsylvania, UsaHow do you smile "on" someone? The Youngbloods - Get TogetherIgnatz from ToecheeseIn response to lớn Gimel from Tel Aviv, Israel:In Nirvana"s "Territorial Pissings", from the album "Nevermind", Kurt Cobain sings the chorus of this tuy vậy - "Come on people now, smile on your brothers, everybody get together right now".That is actually Krist Novoselic who sings the "Get Together" introduction. You can see him vì this on the live version of "Territorial Pissings".Birdman_euston from London, UkThe close harmonies in the chorus still give me goose-bumps.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 11th 1966, the Youngblood"s debut charted record, "Grizzly Bear", entered Billboard"s Hot top 100 chart at position #95; and eight weeks later on February 5th, 1967 it peaked at #52 for 1 week and spent 10 weeks on the đứng đầu 100...The group had two other records make the vị trí cao nhất 100; the fore mentioned "Get Together" và "Darkness, Darkness" it peaked at #86 in 1970.Jorge from Bronx,nyThis song has always been selection when compiling great music in cds and cassettes. It"s a song that mellows me out. I think once I saw a commercial using it, either Pepsi or Coca Cola - stop the war on colas.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn August 27th 1967, "Get Together" by the Youngbloods entered Billboard"s Hot đứng top 100 chart for an eight week stay, debuting at #88 it peaked at #62 for 1 week on October 8th, 1967...Just under twenty-two months later on June 22nd, 1969 it re-entered the đứng đầu 100 at position #93; và on August 31st, 1969 it peaked at #5 for 2 weeks and spent 17 weeks on the vị trí cao nhất 100...The group had two other đứng đầu 100 records; "Grizzly Bear" peaked at #52 in 1967 & "Darkness, Darkness" reached #86 in 1970.Asokan from Tirupur, IndiaI am an Indian who has spent a lifetime delving into English songs after a chance hearing of the tuy nhiên "High"n"Dry" by Cliff Richard. Elvis became an obsession and I christened my son Elvis. I was an avid listener to lớn music programs from BBC, VOA, Radio australia and Radio Kuwait. Of all the 100s of songs by CCR, The Beatles, The Stones, Simon& Garfunkel, CSN&Y and thousands of others, this one tuy vậy stands out. This is my anthem & I play it the first thing in the morning even after all these 45 years.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 2nd, 1965 the We Five performed "Let"s Get Together" on the ABC-TV program "Shindig!"...One month earlier on November 13th their version entered Billboard"s Hot top 100 chart; peaked at #31 và spent 8 weeks on the đứng top 100...R.I.P. Jimmy O"Neill (Shindig"s host, 1940 - 2013).Coy from Palestine, TxThis tuy nhiên was also recorded by David Crosby on a solo album & by the Carpenters before being recorded by the Youngbloods. It probably came out at least 6 times before it was a hit.Duffy from Sparks, GaOriginally recorded by The Kingson Trio & released in June of 1964. "Get Together" Playlist from Omaha, NeWhat an encouraging song this was to me when I was a rock n roll dj in the "70"s. I especially liked the verse "Some may come và some may go, We shall surely pass, When the One that left us here Returns for us at last We are bu a moment"s sunlight Fading in the grass" Years later that verbiage was echoed in "Dust in the Wind". Marty from Buffalo, NyAs reported in LIFE magazine; There was a small oto that drove very slowly with the throngs of young people walking along the road lớn the Woodstock Fesival in 1969. A hippie girl sitting on the roof of the oto with a little, battery operated record player kept playing the The Youngblood"s version of this tuy vậy over và over and over again; supplying a solid contribution to the "peace và love" vibe that permeated the whole magical weekeknd. Popa from Redondo Beach, CaThe tác giả of Get Together (also recorded as "Let"s Het Together") was Cester William Powers, Jr. (Chet Powers). The Youngbloods didn"t make that up. Dino Valenti was one of several stage names used by Powers. The tuy vậy was first recorded in 1964 by The Kingston Trio. The version recorded by We Five in 1965 charted in the US at #31. Jefferson Airplane recorded a version on their debut album in 1966. In 1966 Powers sold the tuy vậy to Frank Werber, manager of the Kingston Trio, to lớn help pay for his legal defense on drug charges. The Youngbloods version was originally released in 1967. It was reissued in 1969 after it was used in a television campaign. The 1969 release charted in the US at #10 and is the version most remembered.Gimel from Tel Aviv, IsraelIn Nirvana"s "Territorial Pissings", from the album "Nevermind", Kurt Cobain sings the chorus of this song - "Come on people now, smile on your brothers, everybody get together right now".Peter from New York, NyThe Youngbloods didn"t make up the name Chester Powers, it was Dino Valenti"s real name.Farrah from Elon, NcThe tuy nhiên that was covered with the title "Everybody Get Together", was actually sung by The We Five.Pete from Nowra, Australiathe lead singer of Aussie band Mental as Anything, Martin Plaza, also released a version of this song, very similar khổng lồ the originalHoward from St. Louis Park, MnIt"s a definitive call for peace and brotherhood in the late 60s. At least it got a second chance in 1969 after it flopped two years earlier. Bill from Plano, TxThis tuy vậy came up on my random play on the PC just now. Listen carefully to the left channel, especially in the beginning. Vì chưng you hear the "do vì chưng do do?" like someone was setting the pace for the guitar part singing, "do do do do"Bill GJonathan from Natchitoches, LaAppeared in Season 1 Episode 16 of Cold Case on CBS. The name of the episode is "Volunteers."The Jorge from Hell, OtherKrist Novoselic of Nirvana sings a distorted version of the chorus in the beginning of the song "Territorial Pissings"Rato from Lisbon, PortugalThis tuy nhiên was later covered by the british group DAVE CLARK FIVE with the title "Everybody Get Together" (a single released on February 1970 - #8 in the UK charts). The mp3 file of this track is now available for download in www.discosantigos.comsee more comments