Naruto: 10 Strongest Genjutsu, Ranked Although difficult to lớn master, some genjustu techniques can be devastating. Here are 10 of the strongest ones.

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Naruto: 10 Strongest Genjutsu, Ranked
Naruto is one of the most popular anime in history. Relatable characters, fascinating story arcs, và epic battles are just some of the reasons for its success. However, what sets it apart from other success stories is the diversity of the character"s abilities. The world of jutsu allows shinobi to summon meteors from the sky, raise the dead và teleport great distances.

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Genjutsu is one of the main branches of jutsu. Focused on creating illusions, genjutsu torments the mind of a shinobi, exhausting them just as much as a physical attack. Although difficult lớn master, some genjustu techniques can be devastating.

A formidable technique, those caught in this genjutsu experience the illusion of being restrained by a tree, leaving them unable lớn move. Fans of the show were introduced to lớn the technique during Itachi and Kisame"s Hidden Leaf"s infiltration. Confronting the Akatsuki members, Kurenai attempted the genjutsu on Itachi Uchiha—without an effect. Kurenai is recognized as Konoha"s greatest genjutsu user, & the technique used was unquestionably powerful. However, Itachi is the greatest genjutsu master in the series—trying khổng lồ catch Itachi in an illusion is lượt thích trying lớn beat Goku in an arm wrestle. You should give up.

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A powerful genjutsu that first appeared during the chunin exams, the technique successfully cast an illusion over a stadium full of people. Following the appearance of Orochimaru, many feathers fell from the sky—casting a genjutsu & causing everyone in the area to fall asleep. The only way to lớn wake someone is lớn apply genjutsu cancel. Although a powerful jutsu, some genin—including Shikamaru—successfully avoided the attack. Additionally, many high-ranking nin-ja avoided the attack, suggesting it"s only effective against civilians và low-ranking shinobi.

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A fierce technique, this jutsu forces the target khổng lồ confront their deepest fears. This fear can take the size of an image they desperately want to avoid— or take the shape of their deepest darkest fear. Kakashi used this jutsu on Sakura, forcing her to experience the death of Sasuke. Unable lớn comprehend the event, Sakura becomes disturbed and eventually passes out. Whilst terrifying, the individual can remain unaffected if they recognize their fear as nothing more than an illusion. However, that"s easier said than done—making it particularly effective against the inexperienced.

7 Demon Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant Uses Sound to lớn Trap Others

Although not one of his strengths, Jiraiya effectively used genjutsu during his battle with Pain. A sound-based genjutsu brought on by the singing of toads. Once the opponent hears the song, they immediately fall under the illusion.

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They are then surrounded by four Toad Samurai who seal the individual within a barrier. Although powerful, the jutsu is difficult khổng lồ pull off. In fact, it"s such a complex technique that only the great Toad Sages have successfully mastered it—and it takes time khổng lồ set up. If the opponent is alerted to their presence, the Toads cannot carry on with the ritual.

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A genjutsu famous amongst the legendary Senju clan causes the victim to see nothing but black. Taking away their ability to lớn see, the genjutsu makes the opponent vulnerable to attack. This was first seen in Naruto, used by the reanimated Hashirama on the Third Hokage. However—although formidable—it does have its weaknesses. Those caught in the genjutsu can still access their other senses, picking up on the user"s scent or chakra. Using his sharpened sense, Hiruzen could defend himself from the reanimated Hokage by picking up on his chakra và energy.

5 Izanami Forces You to lớn Accept Your Fate

Available khổng lồ those who wield the mangekyo sharingan, Izanami is said khổng lồ decide one"s fate. The sharingan user selects an arbitrary moment và memorizes everything about it, including themselves and their opponent"s physical sensations. Once memorized, the user activates the jutsu, putting their opponent in an infinite loop until they stop fighting và accepting their fate. Itachi used Izanami on Kabuto, forcing him to lớn evaluate his actions và accept his punishment. Historically, this jutsu was used khổng lồ reprimand a fellow Uchiha who abused Izanami"s counterpart: Izanagi.

game izanagi is a broken ability that grants the user the option lớn change destiny. Performed with the sharingan, the user applies illusion to reality, granting the user complete control of what transpires whilst the jutsu is active.

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The best example of this is when Danzo fought Sasuke—changing the fight time & time again lớn bring himself back from certain death. Due to lớn the significant power nguồn it holds, the jutsu typically exhausts one"s chakra. However, if the user has access to lớn Hashirama cells & is an Uchiha—they can keep the jutsu active for prolonged periods.

3 Tsukuyomi Creates A World Of Torture

One of the most powerful genjutsu in existence, Tsukuyomi is frequently used by Itachi Uchiha khổng lồ trap and torture his victims in an illusory world. In this world, Itachi can control the victim"s perception of time— making seconds feel like years. Fans witnessed the true power nguồn of this jutsu during Kakashi"s battle with Itachi—the former experiencing excruciating torture for 3 days (although in reality, only seconds had passed). Although powerful, the jutsu can be broken by another possessing the sharingan, with Sasuke breaking it through force.

A legendary technique, Kotoamatsukami subtly invades an individual"s mind, creating false experiences and leading them lớn believe they are making a decision based on their own không tính phí will. Belonging to lớn Shisui Uchiha, the ability was greatly coveted—so much so that Danzo Shimura attacked Shisui and stole one of his eyes. Shisui gifted his second eye to lớn Itachi, safe knowing that his friend would use it to one day protect the village. This would come true—Itachi programming the eye with the instruction "protect Konoha."

1 Infinite Tsukuyomi Is The Ultimate Genjutsu

The ultimate genjutsu—trapping the entire world is an illusion, forcing them to live out a dream whilst their chakra is taken. Khổng lồ carry out the genjutsu, one must possess the rinne sharingan & reflect it on the moon. The light then reflects all over the world, trapping those who catch its gaze. In Naruto, fans get lớn witness some of the victim"s dreams—Kiba was Hokage, & Hinata dreamt of a world where Neji was alive. Only another rinnegan wielder can save themselves from this genjutsu—meaning it has very few weaknesses.

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