NewsJuly 5, 2021 - Updated on July 6, 2021 Independent Vietnamese TV reporter arrested for anti-state propaganda
Better known by the journalistic pseudonym of Le Dung Vova, Le Van Dung is the founder CHTV, an online TV news channel in which he tackled such matters as corruption and illegal land expropriation (pholớn : Facebook - diywkfbv.com).

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Reporters Without Borders (diywkfbv.com) calls for the immediate release of Le Van Dung, an independent Vietnamese TV reporter who was arrested last week after more than a month in hiding. He is facing up khổng lồ trăng tròn years in connection with his reporting, which often tackled corruption and lvà confiscation.
Reported by several state media outlets, Le Van Dung’s arrest in the capital, Hanoi, on 30 June was confirmed by his wife on 1 July.


Better known by the journalistic pseudonym of Le Dung Vova, Dung is the founder và presenter of Chan Hung Nuoc Viet TV (CHTV), an online TV news channel available on Facebook Live, YouTube and other social truyền thông media, in which he interviewed members of the public and commented about such matters as corruption and illegal lvà expropriation – both sensitive sầu issues for the authorities.

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The Hanoi police went lớn his trang chính lớn arrest hlặng on 25 May but he was not there at the time & went into lớn hiding until finally arrested last week under article of 117 of the Vietnam’s penal code, which punishes the dissemination of “information, documents, items & publications opposing the Sociadanh mục Republic of Vietnam” và carries a possible 20-year jail term.


“We dem& the immediate release of Le Van Dung, who has joined the long list of Vietnamese journalists imprisoned simply for trying khổng lồ provide their fellow citizens with reliable information,” said Daniel Bastard, the head of diywkfbv.com’s Asia-Pacific desk. “The Vietnamese authorities display their complete contempt for the rule of law by flagrantly violating article 25 of the country’s constitution, which proclaims freedom of the press.”


General secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam và head of its politburo since 2011, Nguyen Phu Trong is the driving force behind the much harsher line that the government has been taking for the past five sầu years và, as such, has rightly been included in the gallery of press freedom predators that diywkfbv.com published today.


Vietnam is ranked 175th out of 180 countries in diywkfbv.com"s 2021 World Press Freedom Index.