Due to the limited internet options in rural areas, dial-up internet may be the best option for those who don’t want lớn pay the high fees of satellite internet but still require basic access lớn the mạng internet. Learn more about dial-up mạng internet & explore your mạng internet options.

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Dial-up mạng internet works by taking over the signal of an existing phone line and changing it from communicating voice lớn communicating data. The amount of data that dial-up mạng internet can transfer via the phone line is very limited, which results in low speeds that do not qualify as broadbvà.

In spite of dial-up internet’s slow speeds, nearly a million people still use dial-up, thanks khổng lồ its high availability & relatively low price. If availability & price are also your concerns when shopping for internet, we can help you find the internet plan that’s right for you. Cheông chồng out our guide to low-cost internet options, or clichồng the button below to lớn siêu thị available providers in your area.

Is dial-up mạng internet service still available?

Yes, & with a phone line and the right equipment, you can likely get dial-upmạng internet in your area. It’s a great option for those living inrural areaswithout access khổng lồ cable orfiber internetand vày not want satellite internet.

Top dial-up internet providers

ProviderStarting monthly price*
NetZeroFree (up to 10 hours/mo.)
Turbo USA$8.95
JunoFree (up to 10 hours/mo.)

The dial up services listed above are likely to offer up to lớn 56 kbps. Some dial-up mạng internet providers, such as NetZero and Juno, offer accelerated dial-up speeds up lớn five sầu times faster than basic dial-up mạng internet, but for a higher price. If you’re looking for other cheap mạng internet options, cliông xã “View internet plans” below to lớn see what’s available in your area.

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Pros và cons of dial-up internet

Dial-up mạng internet is cheap & readily available, but is it any good? Here are the advantages & disadvantages of dial-up mạng internet.

Advantages of dial-up internet

Price – The monthly price of dial-up mạng internet service is typically cheaper than broadbvà mạng internet. However, when you consider price lớn speed ratquả táo — that is, the cost you pay per Mbps — dial-up plans are considerably more expensive sầu based on what you’re getting versus what you pay for.

Disadvantages of dial-up internet

Setup – You only need a phone line to lớn get access to dial-up internet, but you’ll probably need a special dial-up mạng internet modem and other equipment to use the service, which may be hard to find.Load timeouts – Many webpages are designed khổng lồ load over a broadb& mạng internet connection. If dial-up tốc độ can’t keep up, the page might timeout và you won’t have full access to it.Phone line use – Dial-up ties up your phone line, preventing you from sending or receiving calls when you’re online.

Who is dial-up internet best for?

To most, dial-up mạng internet feels more like a throwbaông xã công nghệ than a viable option for internet service. However, for those who only use the internet sparingly in their trang chủ or for those in rural areas that lachồng good mạng internet options, dial-up is still an attractive sầu option, especially because of its lower prices. If all you need for mạng internet access is to check your tin nhắn once a day, then dial-up mạng internet may be the service for you.

How does dial-up internet compare khổng lồ satellite internet?

For many Americans living in rural parts of the country, satellite internet và dial-up are their only options for internet service. Although dial-up internet is considerably less expensive than satellite internet, it is not a better alternative for most consumers who only have sầu these two choices. Satellite mạng internet offers considerably faster speeds than dial-up mạng internet và allows consumers to use the internet for popular activities lượt thích streaming videos.

Satellite internet still has several limitations, however, due to lớn its high latency và its low speeds compared lớn other mạng internet types, such as cable internet and fiber optic. These limitations may decrease in the coming years as Elon Musk’s satellite company, Starlinks, continues lớn advance. However, until fiber optic technology begins lớn become available in rural areas, reliable, high-tốc độ internet will not be a possibility for most of rural America.

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Dial-up mạng internet FAQs

Can I send or receive phone calls with dial-up internet?

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