Dđào minh quân

President Đào minh chủ inaugurated on November 11th, 2018 at 11:11 AM, in Adelanto, California, US.

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Photo Credit: Đào Minh Quân

It is said that people come into this world with a purpose, some with a smaller one and some for greater causes. But these purposes need khổng lồ be identified by the person at the right time so that they can take appropriate actions to fulfill them.

People need the right path, but the right path also needs people.

Agreeing with the quote, not all people are meant to lớn achieve greater things in life. Dedication, passion, diligence, hard work, & fearlessness are required by a person khổng lồ obtain all they have dreamt of, especially a higher purpose. Sir Đào Minh Quân, the President và the Grand Duke of the Third Republic of Vietnam, is one of those prime personalities. He listened to lớn his true calling at the right time & has successfully achieved a noble cause.

The Right Man

Hard ships thử nghiệm people in their most vulnerable states. Some come out strong, whereas others give up under pressure. But the ones who put on a brave face và handle all the tough times are the real heroes. These lion-hearted people have the potential to achieve anything they are determined of và do anything they have set their focus on. Such is the case of President Đào Minh Quân.

President Đào Minh Quân’s work has been recently covered by different news platforms, online và on TV, negatively. His cause of liberating Vietnam and making it a democratic country has been brought him under a bad impression. Growing up in a democratic country, the United States of America, Quânalways was close lớn his roots. Although away from his country, he kept himself updated on all the news và happenings in Vietnam.

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As he lived a liberal life in the States, he wished that his country’s people experienced the same too. This was a burning desire in his heart that he could not extinguish. He was so driven by the cause lớn bring happiness khổng lồ his country’s people that he joined various Vietnamese patriotic organizations. Sir Đào Minh Quânwas endowed with intelligence, every move and action of his resulted in success. From business và to active participation in political campaigns & movements, he was acing throughout.

Soon Sir Đào anh quân became a prominent person in the Vietnamese community & in the United States business community. As he frequently traveled lớn different countries, like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, among others, he had the opportunity lớn interact with many business & international politicians và influential personalities. America recognized him for his merit in serving the community. He was invited to lớn Host Committee for the Republican các buổi party in 1990, a rare position. Since his intentions were clear and pure, he was recognized by politicians globally for his heart, desire, and intention lớn dissolve communism và save Vietnam.

Everything good comes at a price; one can never achieve something until they sacrifice something of equal value. Similarly, Sir Đào minh chủ had to sacrifice his peace to brighten the lives of the people of his country. His efforts lớn liberate Vietnam were signified as terrorist activities by the national and international media alike. He was labeled as a man who incited terrorism và distorted the undertakings of the policies of Vietnam. But he did not let these rumors overwhelm him. Sir Đào minh chủ is a man of vision. The goal of setting his country free from the realms of the government had long been set, & he was on the right path to make it come true. He kept moving forward with a high spirit which has resulted in the position he has gained today. At present, there is no other Vietnamese politician with such remarkable international influence.

Slow và Steady Always Wins the Race

Photo Credit: Đào Minh Quân

Sir Đào Minh Quân’s progress was slow but steady. Although he & his political organization were under negative speculations, he never gave up và kept performing and promoting democracy. He could feel the need for it from his country’s people, & it was only him who could help his people be không tính tiền of the communists’ hands. He was voted & approved by the Vietnamese people globally, especially in Vietnam, with close lớn eight million votes. They voted in a không lấy phí and voluntary spirit through a referendum on the global digital electronic system. They supported và empowered the Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân, as the 3rd President of the Republic of Vietnam. He represented the entire Vietnamese population khổng lồ lead the country và dissolve the Vietnamese Communist các buổi tiệc nhỏ in Vietnam. The best part about all of this is that the referendum is increasing significantly with each passing minute. So, after much hard work, sleepless nights, và restless days, he was accepted & inaugurated on November 11th, 2018 in Adelanto, California.

As an extraordinary politician, he taught people to lớn not worry about material things but practice spirituality as Vietnam is rich with treasure and resources. He says, “If you are rich without cultivating, even if your property is big as a mountain, that will not bring you any merits.” He has also instructed government officials to bring proper morals to serve the people & not govern them. He believes to be spiritually và morally healthy.

All About President Đào Minh Quân

Sir Đào minh quân was born on September 16th, 1952, in Thi Nghe village in the province of Gia Dinh in Southern Vietnam. Just like Đào, his family did not support the idea of communism too. So, they moved lớn Los Angeles in 1980. He completed his studies at the Santiago Community College in Orange, California. He studied computer programming, Computer / IBM compatible, và graduated in just 3.5 months. During this time he worked on the Bios (Basic I/O System), which is a part of the brain of the computer, và founded “Clone Master Inc. Và Đào Computer Inc.”

Before entering politics, he worked at the System Group as a computer programmer. Then at Measurement và System Control Inc. As an engineer, & finally at Advanced Digital Corp. As the Technical Manager. His political involvement started in 1971 when he first joined the military, and since then, it has been a journey uphill. He laid the foundation of his political buổi tiệc nhỏ ‘Republic of Vietnam, The Third’ on November 11th, 2018. Although he was under speculations by the media, who portrayed him negatively, he never deviated from his aim & is still working to miễn phí Vietnam from the chains of communism.