Most people have projects they want khổng lồ receive a certain way. Understanding the difference between collated and uncollated is essential for any project coming out exactly how you want it lớn.

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Collated versus uncollated sheets

Let’s say that you have sầu 3 page tệp tin and you would like to lớn print 5 copies of each. If you ordered this 3 page tệp tin as collated, the file would print 5 times in the order of the file (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3). However, if you ordered as uncollated then all 5 sets of each page will print together (1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3).

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What types of products are collated & uncollated?

For the most part, the two products that generally fall into the category of collated & uncollated are color copies & posters. There are many reasons why you would want your color copies collated or mini posters uncollated.

People want copies collated when they’re handing out complete “packets” of information khổng lồ people. For example, when you need to lớn give each student one copy of each flyer. They need them uncollated if different copies will be handed out to different people. Like when you have three stacks of forms on the counter, a person will grab the one that applies khổng lồ them.

What will you printing collated or uncollated?

Whether you’re looking for collated or uncollated color copies, blaông chồng và Trắng copies or mini posters, is your one stop resource for all things printed!

Order your collated and uncollated printing online through on our color copies page. We have a fantastic customer service team ready to answer any questions you might have sầu.