Download Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone – Tutorial Guide: Clash Of Clans is one of the most popular điện thoại thông minh game played all around the world. Everyday, around five hundred million users are activated on this amazing trò chơi network to lớn compete with each other. Currently, this game is available on android and iOS platform, even Mac and Windows PC users can also Play Clash Of Clans using app android Emulators. But, it is not officially available for Windows Phone users. Therefore, a lot of Windows Phone users are thronging on Supercell diễn đàn to launch this trò chơi for Windows Phone too. Yet, there has been no official announcement from Supercell Team regarding it. But with the new update of Windows 10, you can manage to lớn Play + Download Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone. There are many websites who claim to chia sẻ the link of Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone but very few of them are genuine. Hence, I am going to mô tả a 100% Verified & Tested method to Download Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone.

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Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone

Presently, the method to Download Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone only supports Windows Phone 10 devices. Read below to know whether your device is supported or not.

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List of Windows Phone 10 Devices that can run Clash Of Clans:Nokia Lumia 435Nokia Lumia 635 (1GB RAM variant)Nokia Lumia 730Nokia Lumia 820Nokia Lumia 830Nokia Lumia 920Nokia Lumia 925Nokia Lumia 928Nokia Lumia 929 (icon)Nokia Lumia 930Nokia Lumia 1520

If you have any of the above Windows phone with Windows 10 installed in it, then you can Download Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone. Lớn know how to vày it, read the below tutorial guide to Download Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone.

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Download Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone – Tutorial Guide

How To tải về Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone – Tutorial Guide:

Follow below steps khổng lồ know How to download Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone.

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The very first thing to vì is take a backup of your phone by following instructions at Settings>>Backup.Now, download wconnect and Android SDK’s ADB from internet.Extract the downloaded files using Winzip or WinRar. You will find two files – 1. Adb.rar and 2. Wconnect.rar.Extract wconnect.rar file, you will see two installer files i.e. IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe. Click on them to lớn install it.Now, in your Windows 10 Phone, navigate lớn Settings>>Update & Security>>For Developers. Here, enable Developer mode and Turn ON Device Discovery. Scroll down và click on Pair button to copy the code which is shown in your screen lớn a place where we can use it later.Now, using data cable, connect your Windows 10 device with your PC.Now, go back to lớn the wconnect thư mục which you have extracted in the 4th step. Press Shift button + right click to open the command window as shown in the below image.

Open Command Window Here

That’s it. You’re done. You have successfully downloaded and installed Clash Of Clans for Windows Phone.

NOTE: After performing all the above steps, you still won’t be able to load or save your village via Google ID system because your Windows Phone 10 is not loaded with Google services yet. So, follow the below steps lớn install Google Services on your Windows 10 device.

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How khổng lồ Install Google Services on Windows 10 Phone:

Download AM-GApps-Tool from the below link.Now, extract the download folder.Here, click on the INSTALLER.bat file.Now, follow the on-screen instructions.

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Ending Note!

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