Hello, suddenly one of my MyBook exposes SMART warning C5 Current Pending Sector Count - 200 / 200 / 0 / 1

Is this dangerous warning?

Is the drive sầu going lớn die soon?

Can I fix it somehow?

What program is issuing that warning?

If you’re getting a SMART warning with pending sectors, that typically means your disk can’t (or isn’t) reallocating sectors correctly. This disk can probably fail hard at anytime.

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Confusing that diywkfbv.com Data LifeGuard doesnot report any pending sectors for that drive sầu ie. reads SMART status as OK.

I’m running extended test now lớn see if it can do something to lớn sort out the problem.

Anyway I’d like lớn know if that problem is fixable so that it will show again SMART status OK in CrystalDiskInfo…

Looks like there is a problem with 1 sector that hasn’t been reallocated yet. Sometimes a zero-write to the whole disk will force that 1 sector lớn be re-mapped. And then your Reallocated Sectors Count will go up by 1. Doing CHKDSK with scan for bad sectors might also “encourage” the disk lớn remap the failed sector. So would a complete long format.

Of course, zeroing means you will need lớn backup your data. Which is a good idea anyways.

Then CrystalDisk will consider the Reallocated sector count to lớn be bad và *STILL* flag your disk as bad.You can “null” out or phối CrystalDisk’s Reallocated sector count lớn allow for the 1 bad sector. It would then flag the disk as good again.

You can also wait and see if the internal “data lifeguard” background scans get around to lớn remapping this faulted sector, all by itself.

Normally all this happens behind the scenes, sometimes it doesn’t. So you have sầu to lớn give sầu it a swift kiông chồng in the — from time to time.

I would say this disk is still quite healthy otherwise. It’s when the smart values keep increasing rapidly on their own over a short time; that’s when you’ve sầu got a bad disk.

A few bad sectors doesn’t mean the drive is toast. All the other values look fine. And I’ve personally got a disk with 3 reallocated sectors that I fully trust. They kinda popped up “just like that” but not all at once. So no big giảm giá.

I ran chkdsk h: /f /r, it taken almost a day but discovered more bad sectors alongside whole second partition. The SMART info for that drive sầu now looks this:


The current pending sectors increased significantly although chkdsk said that it replaced bad sectors.

I’m curious if this drive sầu is really going to lớn **bleep** or the situation settles at this point.

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Just noticed the drive always even new taken quite long to connect và get ready (more than half a minute), much longer than another Mybook that I use concurrently. It might already be a sign on new disk this is a bad serie.

Then it’s a question if native sầu low màn chơi disk diagnostics from diywkfbv.com has any usability if it finds no problem on so highly damaged drive sầu, even after extensive demo.

Ohh dear… according khổng lồ that, you’ve sầu got 561 unstable sectors. Where did they come from and why? The disk has not re-mapped them yet, và probably won’t until some write operations are done on them. Then the reallocated count will go up & the pending count will go down.

Chkdsk remapped sectors on the logical partition màn chơi, not the disk low-cấp độ. In “doing stuff” chkdsk found more bad sectors và is telling the o/s, via the metafiles, lớn not use those. The disk’s firmware has yet to lớn even start dealing with these. There needs to lớn be write activity lớn those sectors. But checkdisk has now remapped them on a high level. NTFS is aware of these & will not make use of them. So they will sit in limbo until we Hotline enough attention to them,

We will need khổng lồ kill the partition & long-format it. We need to lớn make the disk’s firmware put these in the G-danh sách (grown defect list) by itself.

These 561 bad sectors may have sầu been here before, or they may have developed in the past day or two. I think they were there before, from day one. And these “diagnostics” and digging around are first now exposing them.

Right this moment I wouldn’t trust the disk till they are mapped out by the disk và firmware itself. You either need pro tools lớn bởi vì it, or you can keep trying stuff lớn trigger writes khổng lồ them to lớn get the firmware khổng lồ handle it. Once the firmware deals with it it and no more show up, then, I might trust it. But I’d be watching it lượt thích a hawk and be sure that whatever is on the disk that there’s a backup copy of it.

If I was telling this lớn lượt thích a user/customer or photographer for example I’d say RMA the drive sầu và Điện thoại tư vấn it a night. But if you want to mess with this more, then try killing the partition, & long-formatting và see what happens.





Look at it this way. Chkdsk hasn’t used those sectors enough, và now it has them “locked out” on a volume/partition level. We need lớn get below that. Zero-writes, create new partion, and long format, should hit them hard enough so the firmware remaps them.

The firmware is hesitant to bởi vì the remapping because it believes there is still readable data there. We need lớn convince it that this isn’t the case. And we have sầu to lớn generate some write activity there & see if it errors out. Better safe than sorry.

Regarding crystal disk. I don’t believe it will say the disk is good. No, not with this many, you can null out up to 255 Disk Health Status counts for the 3 major attributes each.

I personally vày a lot of mission critical work, and if this was my personal disk I would relegate it lớn holding movies or other non-critical data. I may use it lớn transport data or something…

I’m running the long chkdsk kiểm tra now & surprisingly it discovers bad sectors in files not trigerred in previous run. So I guess it’s on it’s last way. The partition only contains movies that are not so important for me but I still don’t want to lớn thua thảm them at once & there’s no space for backup. Any suggestion for a tool that can rewrite all the data bachồng lớn drive without discarding them?

I have heard about HD Tune Pro, HDD regenerator, not sure if they’re able to lớn sort this out. Anyway the constantly growing of pending sector count signals something odd (568 now)