Author: iTzSTU4RT Build Galio with confidence with the help of"s build guides. Whether you are completely new to Galio or looking to refine your playstyle, we will help you take your Wild Rift game to the next level. Learn Galio"s abilities in detail, the best items lớn build, which skills to màn chơi first, and more. Galio is ranked Tier S (Mid Lane) in our Champion Tier List

GalioThe Colossus
Recommended RoleMid Lane
Mid BuildS support BuildA+

Galio is an ability nguồn mid-lane champion. He is a bit different from other original mid-lane champions as Galio is primarily a front-line tank but can vì a lot of damage. He is a melee champion & can struggle a bit in the early trò chơi when trying to lớn walk up and last hit minions. Once you hit level 5 và get Hero"s Entrance (Ultimate) you can look to roam around the bản đồ and use Galio"s Ultimate to jump onto your team lớn help them & change the fight outcome.

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Galio can also be played in the support role, make sure to check the alternative build at the top of the page! With Galio support, you want to go towards a more tank build as you will be in the front line in team fights and you will want lớn peel for your ad carry to lớn keep them alive.

Colossal Smash enhances Galio"s next tự động hóa attack to giảm giá khuyến mãi Area of Effect magic damage. The damage from Colossal Smash scales with Attack Damage, Ability Power & Magic Resist.

Since Colossal Smash is an Area of Effect ability, this means that you can khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage lớn multiple minions at once which is great when trying to push the wave. If the enemy champion is nearby it will hit them as well.

Colossal Smash has a cooldown and you will know when it"s back up when you hear a ding sound & Galio"s toàn thân starts to lớn glow.

Winds of War is Galio"s main source of damage. When used it fires 2 windblasts that giảm giá khuyến mãi magic damage & converge into a tornado.

Winds of War is a great way to kill & push the minion wave. If you bộ combo Winds of War and Colossal Smash, you should be able to clear the whole minion wave. This allows Galio lớn roam around the maps once he reaches cấp độ 5.

Since the tornado part of Winds of War does damage over time, it is best to bộ combo it with Shield of Durand so the enemy takes the full damage potential of the tornado.

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Shield of Durand is a great Area of Effect taunt that can change a teamfight in a matter of seconds. Shield of Durand has 3 parts. It has a passive, upon taking magic damage, Galio gains a shield that absorbs magic damage. There is also a two-part active ability. The first part is when you hold the ability - you enter a defensive stance where you get slowed but take reduced magic and physical damage. After you release the ability you deal magic damage and taunt all nearby enemies.

When using Shield of Durand, just keep in mind that you will be slowed so make sure the enemies don"t have a way to lớn escape whilst you"re charging the ability up. You can also use Justice Punch khổng lồ knock up an enemy & then use Shield of Durand whilst the enemy is knocked up to get a guaranteed taunt off.

Justice Punch is the main ability that enables you khổng lồ dash và get in amongst the enemy team. When using Justice Punch, there is a short wind up where you will jump back before you dash forward. Whilst in the dash, if you hit any terrain or champion, you will stop. If you hit an enemy champion, they will be damaged & knocked up.

A neat trick you can vày with Justice Punch is lớn use the jump back at the start lớn your advantage lớn catch out the enemies. You can vì this by aiming the ability away from the champion. The jump back will go back far enough where you will be able lớn dash & hit the enemy champion straight away.

After using & hitting an enemy with Justice Punch, Galio will automatically auto-attack the enemy champion. If you want to full bộ Shield of Durand with Justice Punch, you will need to lớn make sure you hold Shield of Durand whilst dashing so Galio will start taunting as soon as the dash has hit a champion.

Hero"s Entrance is a great way for Galio khổng lồ follow up on any engagement that your team might do. When using the ability, once you pick an allied champion to jump onto, all allied champions near the target gains Shield of Durand"s passive magic shield. After a short duration, Galio arrives at the location dealing magic damage khổng lồ nearby enemies và knocking them up.

Hero"s Entrance is a semi-global ultimate & has a huge range. When you play mid lane Galio, you just need khổng lồ walk a bit towards the đứng đầu or bottom river và then you are within range to lớn use it on an ally champion in the top or bottom lane.