Dragon Raja: Blade Master Build For Pvp

Started playing as Blade Master in rồng Raja and wondering how lớn build properly và which gems to use? Read on for long Raja Blade Master build, guide, skills & talents


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Introduction: –

Blade Master is a tank class in long Raja with decent melee DPS & powerful abilities. With high durability and toughness, you will be able khổng lồ lead from the front & smash the enemies in close-range duels. As a Blade Master, you are good at inflicting damage and soaking damage from the opponents. In this rồng Raja Blade Master build, we will guide you through the core build, gems, talents & skills of the Blade Master class. So let’s not waste any time and kiểm tra out the build.

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Dragon Raja Blade Master bộ vi xử lý core Build 2021⇓

For Blade Master, you have khổng lồ focus on increasing its Physical attack and AP score. By focusing on these stats, we mean to lớn say that Blade Master will perform much better if you improve these score stats. And, lớn build it in this perfect way, you have khổng lồ equip the right type of gems in the vi xử lý core slots. Blade Master’s main element is fire – so make sure to equip Fire gems khổng lồ increase skill damage.

CON – 1 point will add HP by 400, Physical DEF by 2, Magical DEF by 2, CRIT Res by 2STR – 1 point will địa chỉ cửa hàng HP by 120, Physical Attack by 5, AP by 2INT – 1 point will địa chỉ HP by 120, MS by 2DEX – 1 point will add HP by 240, PATK by 2, CRIT by 4, MS by 4INS – 1 point will địa chỉ cửa hàng HP by 240, PATK by 2, AP by 4, CDR by 4

Conclusion – build STR or INS score as it increases the Physical Attack và AP stats of the Blade Master. Equip the gems that increase this score(STR or INS). Optional – you can also build it as a tank and improve PHY DEF, HP by building con score. But if you want more damage, focus on STR or INS.

Dragon Raja Blade Master Gems vi xử lý core Build 2021⇓

x9 Earth Gems/Yellow – for more CONx5 Water Gems/Blue – for more INSx2 Fire Gems/Red – for more STR

that would be tank build


x9 Fire Gems/Red – for more STRx4 Wind Gems/Green – fore more DEXx3 Water/Blue Gems – for more INS

this build gives more P.ATK to Blade Master.

So this would be our dragon Raja Blade Master Gems build.

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Best Allies: –

Main – Masamune or Erri UesugiSupporters – Ming-Z-Lu, Chime Gen, Anjou, Chisei Gen

Dragon Raja Blade Master Class 2021⇓

Role – Warrior/TankRange – MeleeDifficulty – IntermediateSurvivability – ExcellentDamage – DecentAssistance – PoorRatings – 4/5

Let’s take a look at long Raja Blade Master Class skills và talent info.

Blade Master Skills: –

The Blade Master class offers two skill sets(Odachi, Meitou) –

Demon Rage(Set I) – with this skill, Blade Master gets into Berserk mode và increases the physical attack and damage power. If Blade Master gets a fatal attack while Berserk mode, Naraka gets triggered.Azure Moon – with this skill, Blade Master inflicts physical damage to up to lớn five enemies in front & knocks them back. Also, triggers Diagonal Slash (Diagonal Slash is another skill)Roundhouse Skill – with this skill, Blade Master knocks back up to five enemies in front & inflicts PHY DMG/dealy effect. Also, a chance to inflict freeze/shock effectRed Lotus – with this skill, Blade Master inflicts physical damage khổng lồ five enemies ins straight line and switch to lớn Odachi form.Blizzard – with this Blade Master inflicts physical damage to up to lớn five enemies and switches lớn Large Tachi form.Thunder – DMG & inflict shock effect + switches lớn Odachi formDiagonal Slash – you can trigger this skill with Azure Moon skill. It inflicts massive physical damage khổng lồ the enemiesMoon Shatterer/Landslide – it is one of the best skills of Blade Master that blocks the enemy attacks. And, increase the damage resistance. If you are in trouble; low on HP, use this skill & block attacks

Set II: –

Void – this skill of Blade Master increases dodge, movement speed, PHY DEF, MAGIC DEFENSE, SUPER ARMOR.Moongazer – this skill inflicts physical damage và aerial effectBlossom Dance – this skill inflicts Cherry Blossom effect & physical damageSakura Slay – this skill explode the target if Cherry Blossom is in effect + inflicts physical damage lớn the surrounding enemiesCounter Wave – lifts the target và throw them – causing massive physical damageFlash – inflicts delay and PDMG. Also, triggers Counter Wave skillEphemeral Beauty – slash the multiple enemies – causing physical damage

Blade Master Talents: –

C-Level Talent – Blossom Slash to increase the effectiveness of Blossom Dance skill. Heavy Strike lớn increase Odachi skills’ damage. Excited khổng lồ reduce the quái dị damage và increase hate dealt to lớn the monsters.B-Level Talent – Wind & Moon to lớn increase the effectiveness of the void skill. New Life lớn reduce Sakura Slay cooldown. Fury to trigger Bersker when using Moon Shatterer skill.A-Level Talent – Cherry Blossom Snow to lớn increase Ephemeral Beauty. Moon Shackle to trigger Wane with Moongazer skill. Rakshasa Dance to activate Machamp that increases player damage – activates when releasing Odachi skillsetS-Level Talent – Naraku lớn reset all skill cooldown & increase damage when Naraka is triggered. Long Lord’s Wrath khổng lồ increase dodge, movement speed, & damage reduction. Izanami’s Dance khổng lồ increase damage when in Odachi form, movement tốc độ when in Meitou form.

So these are the Blade Master talents. We would recommend you to go with these Blade Master Talents: –

Heavy Strike – C-LevelFury or Wind và Moon – B-LevelRakshasa Dance – A-LevelIzanami’s Dance – S-Level

Best Skill phối – Odiachi.

Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on dragon Raja Blade Master build, gems, skills & talents guide for newbies. If you have another chip core build or gems recommendation, comment below.

May 8, 2020. Update – Added Blade Master build, gems info. Feel không tính tiền to mô tả your dragon Raja Blade Master best build or gems recommendation in the phản hồi section below. This post was last updated in 2021.

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