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Blade và Soul is ranked #28 out of 134 tracked MMOs in terms of player & aggregate vps population.

Blade & Soul is a Korean fantasy massively multiplayer online roleplaying trò chơi developed by NCSoft's Team Bloodlust. The game is heavily inspired by anime và manga, as well as martial arts elements. The trò chơi was released in Korea in 2012, with later releases in nhật bản (2014) and North America/EU regions (2016). Built on the Unreal Engine, Blade & Soul is available for play on Microsoft Windows và on sản phẩm điện thoại Android & Apple iOS.

How Many People Play Blade và Soul?

We estimate that 0 people play Blade và Soul per day, with a total player base of 2,636,304.

The Players and Daily login numbers are estimations based on subscriber numbers and online sentiment.

Blade và Soul is set on a fantasy world divided into three major realms: Earthen Realm, the Dark Realm, & the Divine Realm. The setting và environmental kiến thiết is heavily inspired by Asian aesthetics and philosophies, specifically the Chinese traditional martial arts & cinema. It also has a very anime và manga looks for the in-game character models.

Players in Blade & Soul can choose between 4 races: the muscular Gon, the human-like Jin, the beautiful Yun, and the child-like and large-eared Lyn. The races are represented by Chinese mythical creatures such as the Azure Dragon, black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, & the white Tiger. Each race can then choose to lớn follow one of the classes in Blade & Soul, although some classes are exclusive to a certain race. For instance, only the Lyn have access lớn the Astromancer, Blade Dancer, & Blade Dancer classes.

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One of the major draws to Blade và Soul"s character creation is the màn chơi of detail for customizing appearances. Aside from facial shape and structure, Blade và Soul includes options for tattoos and markings, makeup, and toàn thân weight and height sliders.

Blade và Soul character màn chơi progression is achieved through killing enemies & quest fulfillment. However, grinding through killing mobs can slow lớn a halt, once a character reaches a higher màn chơi than the mob of enemies. Quest XP give a higher reward & are more consistent. Experience charms can also be acquired lớn boost leveling. Another option is going through the daily dungeons, but these have a limited number of times that can be done per day.

Players in Blade và Soul can also interact through joining up in parties, clans, and factions. Clans can join either The Cerulean Order or The Crimson Legion Factions. Following a faction lets players wear faction uniforms & gain prestige points. Aside from these two, there are local factions such as the Skyhaven Resistance & Talus Dominion in the Misty Woods areas. Leveling Clans in Blade và Soul unlock useful benefits such as a Clan Vault và Workshops.