Battle Realms

You will tải về the Battle Realms trò chơi without any trouble from this site. Kids love this Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy category PC game. It’s the most thrilling PC game và it was introduced on Nov 07, 2001 date.

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Battle Realms Overview

Game:Genre:Developer:Publisher:Released on:Platforms:Age Ratings:Score:Languages:Player’s Perspectives:Game Modes:Themes:
Battle Realms
Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy
Liquid Entertainment
Ubisoft Entertainment
Nov 07, 2001
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Teen (PEGI 18)
9.1 out of 10
English, Japanese, French, Roman, Danish, Irish
Bird view / Isometric
Single player, Multiplayer
Action, Fantasy

About Battle Realms

The Battle Realms trò chơi has gained the top rank in its genre. It is simply astonishing that more than 9428 users find this trò chơi quite entertaining. The studio has launched this PC trò chơi in both FPP and TPP modes.



Kenji, exiled heir to lớn the dragon throne, must stake his claim in a chaotic world wracked by the subversive intrigues of the Serpent, Wolf, and Lotus clans. Shall he vanquish the land under a campaign of malevolence & terror or restore the war-torn realm khổng lồ its former glory? Enter Battle Realms & choose your destiny.

Explore the history that led up lớn the events in Battle Realms in Battle Realms: Winter of the trắng Wolf. Scattered & unorganized, your enslaved Wolf brethren hunger for revolt against their corrupt Lotus Clan masters. You must unite them.


You must lead them. You must không tính phí them.


Battle Realms is fantasy real-time strategy trò chơi inspired by the stories told in kung-fu movies and oriental mythology. Develop your tiny peasant village into a highly trained and deadly efficient clan of warriors who are ready khổng lồ die with your name on their lips.

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Experiment with Unit Alchemy & turn villagers into one-of-a-kind fighters like Samurai Cannoneers, Bandits, Geisha, and scores of other mythical warriors. Defend your people against the hordes of barbarians, evil magicians, & deadly ninjas.

All those issues were rectified with the last update on Nov 25, 2019 date. It got a moderate response from 9763 users, who participated to assess & rate this game.

This Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy genre PC game should be on your PC if you are a huge fan of this genre.

It immediately became a top-trending PC trò chơi after its launch on Nov 07, 2001 date. All those HD graphics reveal why this trò chơi got 3859 followers on social networking platforms.

This is best racing trò chơi according lớn 4363 users, who gave it đứng đầu ratings. This đoạn phim game works quite smoothly on platforms lượt thích PC (Microsoft Windows).


Most users have rewarded this {C trò chơi with 95.75 out of 100 rating.

Switch khổng lồ the single-player mode in this PC trò chơi if you want khổng lồ go solo. This Action, Fantasy-themed computer game has gained top reviews from regular players.

You can download this trò chơi from below.