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Meet Garena's first sandbox game! Join the adventures khổng lồ explore minigames of various genres!Get ready lớn meet Garena's first sandbox game - Garena Blockman GO! Garena Blockman GO is the free-to-play, ultimate sandbox that lets you play, craft, và share those fun experiences with your friends. Already have a Blockman GO account? Log in with your existing Blockman GO account and play now!*Wonderland of minigamesIn Garena Blockman GO, there is always something new & exciting for you to discover every day. Join the adventures and venture into the countless minigames from all the different genres!-NewCollect graffitis from all over the city & spray it khổng lồ your heart's content! You can experience this super cool street style in the tiệc ngọt Street và hop into a random buổi tiệc nhỏ with all the other cool guys!-NewA game of survival & betrayal.As one of the 4 exorcists, you must perform an exorcism in an abandoned school. But wait! There is an imposter hidden among you… Look for clues to lớn find the imposter & complete the exorcism ritual through various missions. Meanwhile, the imposter must hide their real identity, mislead the other exorcists with the wrong clues & summon the devil lớn kill all the exorcists.

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-New30 vs 30 multiplayer battlefield shooting game.You'll take on a soldier's duty và participate in a simulated battle. Lớn win the game, you can shoot, drive tanks và armored vehicles, direct your comrades khổng lồ occupy the vi xử lý core areas, & cooperate with other players lớn secure the final victory for your team.

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-HotBed Wars is a popular team-based PVP trò chơi that has drawn a large number of players from all around the world.Your goal is khổng lồ defend your bed at your own base while utilizing all of the tools at your disposal to destroy your opponents' beds and emerge victorious in the end.-HotHave you ever fantasized about being a ruthless vigilante, taking down criminals like Bruce Wayne? Have you ever had a moment where you just wanted lớn cause pure chaos và live for the thrill? Let không tính phí City RP satisfy your fantasy! *Upgraded game experienceWe have prepared an updated version of the beginner tutorial that is better presented and easier to follow. We've also optimized the language system with imported and refurbished fonts!* Play with friends - anytime, anywhereBed Wars, Egg Wars, Sky Block, và others are best enjoyed together with friends. Optimized for mobile, now you can join the millions of other players - anytime, anywhere.* What is your style?Show off your unique style to lớn the world! Customize your avatar with creative selections of fashionable accessories. With a growing inventory of items, the sky's the only limit.PLEASE NOTE: Garena Blockman GO is completely không tính phí to play, but you can choose to make premium in-app purchases through your iTunes account. You may disable in-app purchases from your device settings.Auto-renewable VIP Subscription Information:VIP+: 4.99USD / month, including 360 Gcubes & other privileges;MVP: 9.99USD / month, including 800 Gcubes & other privileges;MVP+: 24.99USD / month, including 2000 Gcubes & other privileges;VIP+ / MVP / MVP+ subscriptions will be automatically renewed for future subscription periods at the over of each subscription period until you cancel. You will be charged the same subscription level unless adjusted. There will be no notification upon subscription renewals, so we strongly encourage you khổng lồ monitor your subscriptions.You may cancel your VIP+ / MVP / MVP+ subscription anytime through your trương mục settings. Upon cancellation, your VIP+ / MVP / MVP+ subscription shall not be renewed và shall expire on the last day of the subscription period.TERMS OF SERVICE: POLICY: US:

Large-Scale Team MatchesLarge public parties with multiplayer matchmaking. Back2School PartyThe new Back2School buổi tiệc nhỏ event is now live. Get your friends and play the games together khổng lồ get the exclusive sets, decorations, & avatar frames.There are also daily gifts for signing in! Function upgrade We have provided more diverse & personalized categories to lớn help you find your ideal games! Function Upgrade