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Naruto: Top 10 Strongest ANBU Members In The Series The ANBU features some of the strongest characters in all of Narulớn. Here"s a look at the 10 strongest!

The ANBU is one of the most featured shinobi units throughout the Naruto series, especially in Naruto Shippuden. Deemed as some of the strongest people in the village, the ANBU are used by the Kage of a village for covert operations, such as assassinations, amuốn many other things.

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Being a prestigious organization, the ANBU has been home lớn some of the strongest people in the Naruto series, especially when it comes to lớn Konohagakure. Several svào characters have sầu emerged from their ranks & we"ll be looking over them in this article. Here are the 10 strongest known ANBU members in Naruto history.

One of the Yamanaka clan"s strongest, Fu joined the Konoha ANBU at a young age & rose through the ranks quickly. His skills were such that Danzo praised hlặng as one of the strongest ANBU members in Konoha"s Root ANBU.

Being a thành viên of the Yamanaka clan, Fu specialized in sensory skills, and that is what Danzo used hyên ổn for, mostly. Other than that, Fu was also skilled in combat lớn a decent extent. However, his abilities proved to be limited as he fell to lớn Obilớn Uchiha during the Five sầu Kage Summit.

9 Sai

Sai was once considered to lớn be an ANBU prodigy by Danzo Shimura. According to lớn hyên ổn, Sai"s talents far surpassed the likes of Narulớn Uzumaki. Although that"s a very misleading statement, it doesn"t take away much from Sai, who is a tremendous shinobi & exceptional when it comes lớn spying và infiltration.

His skills were apparent when he infiltrated Orochimaru"s hideout lớn exexinh tươi Danzo"s plan. When it comes khổng lồ fighting abilities, Sai remains to be one of Konoha"s strongest shinobi in the series, with even Naruto holding him in high regard.

One of the deadliest members of Konohagakure"s ANBU, Torune hailed from the prestigious Aburame clan. He was taken in by Shino"s family at a young age, which is when he formed a close bond with hyên. His skills earned hyên recognition as one of the strongest characters in the history of the Aburame clan which even Shino admitted.

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Yet another testament lớn his skills is that he was reanimated by Kabuto lớn Yakushi during the Fourth Great Ninja War, where he was finally defeated by Shino. Undoubtedly, Torune was a deadly shinobi, & one of the strongest ANBU ever.

7 Yamato

Yamalớn was one of Konohagakure"s elite shinobi who served in the ANBU once as well. Being an experiment of Orochimaru, Yamakhổng lồ was born with the power of Wood Release, although his control over it wasn"t as enhanced as the First Hokage himself.

Nonetheless, his time as the ANBU saw him rise to a high-rank where he was respected by some of the most renowned shinobi in the village. Yamato"s skills were such that even Danzo and Tsunade held hyên ổn in incredibly high regard.

Another elite ANBU thành viên, Kabuto lớn Yakushi served in the organization as a spy back in the day. Although many fans are unaware of this fact, that"s largely because Kabukhổng lồ has had so many roles in the series that you can"t even keep count of them all.

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His skills were once compared lớn the likes of Kakashi Hatake by Orochimaru, which is a huge compliment khổng lồ hyên. Over time, he improved & achieved power that even Orochimaru couldn"t, although much of that was after his time in Konohagakure"s ANBU.

5 Kakashi Hatake

Due khổng lồ his cold nature, Kakashi Hatake was considered khổng lồ be a perfect fit for the Konohagakure ANBU. At one point, he did the dirty work of the village for the elders, và he was soon promoted to lớn the rank of the Squad Captain, thanks khổng lồ his awfully high skill.

As an ANBU thành viên, Kakashi proved lớn be highly efficient and rarely ever failed his missions. His cold heart, combined with the heart-piercing Chidori was enough lớn kill nearly anyone who stood in his way.

The leader of Konohagakure"s root ANBU, Danzo Shimura was a cold and calculating shinobi who possessed majestic strength. Danzo"s powers were exceptionally high, comparable lớn a Kage in certain ways. At full power, Danzo had the ability lớn use multiple Sharingan at once, và also the power lớn use Shisui Uchiha"s Mangekyo Sharingan.

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This was further enhanced by his usage of Hashirama Senju"s cells, which Orochimaru implanted in his body. Although not one of the strongest in the series, he certainly was one of the strongest in the ANBU, which is a huge achievement, nonetheless.

3 Orochimaru

One of the Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru served in Konohagakure"s ANBU at one time as well. Although much about his work with Konoha"s ANBU remains unknown, he"s said to lớn have worked on several covert operations. Much of this happened after the events of the Second Great Ninja War.

During his time in the ANBU, Orochimaru worked on several experiments, such as creating Danzo"s arm and working on modifying Yamato lớn. He ultimately abandoned his position và went rogue following his plans being busted.

Also known as Shisui the Teleporter, Shisui was an incredible shinobi whose skills surpassed the likes of a regular Jonin by quite a mile. Being a Mangekyo Sharingan user, it is no surprise that he was extraordinarily powerful. His power was comparable to the Kage themselves, despite him being very young.

Using the powers of Kotoamtsukamày, Shisui earned his position as one of the strongest genjutsu users to ever exist. Unfortunately, Shisui"s entire potential went lớn waste because of his early death triggered by Danzo"s dirty ploy.

1 Itađưa ra Uchiha

Undoubtedly the strongest thành viên of the Konoha ANBU, Itabỏ ra Uchiha was a prodigy who proved himself wherever he went. The ANBU was no different, where he rose to lớn the rank of a Squad Captain at the shocking age of 13! Kakashi Hatake, among muốn many others, was surprised by his growth, despite them being exceptional themselves.

Using his powers, Itađưa ra was able to lớn kill his entire clan in a single night, although he did get help from Obito lớn to lớn pull it off. Nonetheless, his skills were nearly unmatched during his time at the ANBU. Danzo, a veteran, was scared of hyên ổn despite Itađưa ra being a kid, which just goes lớn show how incredible a shinobi he truly was.

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